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HCL Sametime Premium Preview at HCL Digital Week

As part of the HCL Digital Week, the HCL presented Sametime Premium yesterday. The software is intuitive, easy to use and frankly offers everything that is expected of a modern video conferencing solution and more. The focus is clearly on cost savings and easy installation and operation.

HCL Sametime Premium provides the right answers to your problems with common video conferencing software:

  • Is data security and use GDPR compliant? Your meetings and data are on the server of your choice.
  • How do these high costs come together? You only pay for the functions used.
  • Why is the software so complicated? Start video meetings with just one click.

New features in HCL Sametime Premium

HCL Sametime Premium and Sametime v11.5 offer a lot of new features. The most important functions at a glance.

  • Start video meetings with one click
  • Persistent Chats
  • Broadcasts
  • Mobile Sametime app
  • Own meeting room on a permanent hold
  • “private” meeting rooms
  • Control for the moderator
  • Mute all participants at once
  • Stop all videos at once
  • Create unsharp backgrounds
  • password-protected meetings
  • Lock meetings
  • Advanced web application for web chats with Windows and MAC OS
  • designated moderators and presenters

You can easily create new Sametime meetings in HCL Notes or in the HCL Nomad Web client. All features are intuitive and easily accessible, such as screen sharing.

YouTube video sharing and streaming on YouTube is instantly available! Your marketing department certainly likes this.

Transferring meetings to mobile devices is easy and seamless. The mobile app can be easily installed via QR code, you just have to enter your username and password and you’re ready to go. This is a welcome addition. Users save themselves asking for server names and other necessary settings.

And beware: The session recording is available seconds after the recording of a session is complete.

Installing with all the features, including setting up AWS or other preparatory work on the platform of your choice, is done in one day. HcL will publish some new white papers.

WHITEpaper on HCL Sametime Premium

HCL Sametime 11.5 including meetings is already available for download today, including a calculator tool that lets you calculate how much money you can save with HCL Sametime Premium.

HcL information on HCL Sametime in English.

Soon you will find more information about HCL Sametime Premium on our HCL blog.