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Let’s go Domino: IBM Domino Mobile Apps

With IBM Domino Mobile Apps, you can work with your proven Domino apps on the Apple iPad as well. Even offline, because Domino replicates data between server and local version. With IBM Domino Mobile Apps, more productivity for your work day.

IBM Domino Mobile Apps Description

IBM Domino Mobile Apps provides access to your Domino applications on the go. Without customization, your existing Domino applications can be replicated directly online to your mobile device for offline access. All information is, of course, locally encrypted to protect your data.

IBM Domino customers have hundreds of thousands of IBM Domino applications that are now accessible only from the Notes client on a desktop.

Benefits of IBM Domino Mobile Apps

  • IBM Domino Mobile Apps enhances the power of the desktop application by accessing iPad devices.
  • With IBM Domino Mobile Apps, Domino customers can use the functionality of iPads such as the camera in new or existing workflow applications.
  • IBM Domino Mobile Apps help customers reduce their operating costs and increase productivity.

Deploy IBM Domino Mobile Apps to your end users so they can instantly take advantage of secure online and offline access to new or existing IBM Domino applications. Maximize your ROI by deploying IBM Domino Mobile Apps today.

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IBM Domino Mobile Apps on the AppStore

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