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Preview HCL Domino Danube

The next HCL Domino release is coming soon. It is called HCL Domino Danube and is scheduled for November. Here is a small overview of the planned functions. The latest code drop already shows a variety of new features for Notes, Domino Designer, Domino Administrator clients and the Domino Server.

The HCL Domino will become even better for the user:

Mail enhancements: Mail In Database and Default Mail Font Policy Improvements

Calendar enhancements: Improvements to the functions for dynamic online meetings incl. Support for delegates, repeated meetings, meeting passwords and dial-in numbers. Search for free/busy times for Microsoft Exchange users.

Workspace improvements: More workspace improvements and support for dark mode.

Database encryption improvements: 128-bit AES is now the default encryption with the option to increase it to 256-bit AES if needed.

Other extensions
– Embedded Sametime has been updated to version 12.0.0
– Advanced features improved
– 64-bit Notes Standard Client
– Automatic update for local NSF ODS to increase performance
– Further performance improvements

List of future in HCL Domino Danube

HCL Digital Solution published an overview on the blog Your HCL Domino Experience Is About to Get Even Better

Functions from the code drop 3:

In Domino Designer
– XPages File Upload Improvements
– Sharing jars between XPages and Java agents
– Adding the signature type to the Rick text field
– Designer debugger improvements

In HCL Notes:
– File viewer with Apache POI
– DOMI – Calendar delegation and recurring support
– 64-bit group 1 language support
– Default email font by policy
– Free working hours with O365
– Standard ODS upgrade for clients
– Workspace UI Update
– Performance improvements
– Replace IE with MS Edge
– Improvements in document properties
– Mail policy for alternatives from mail-in databases
– Improvements in Notes Setup

In HCL Domino:
– AD Password Sync install improvements
– Upgrade Tika to the current version and Apache POI to the version included in Tika.
– Antivirus scanning through support of ICAP protocol
– Certificate management on AIX Domino
– OpenID Connect (OIDC) Owner Token Authentication on Domino HTTP
– Backend support for large objects

In the admin client:
– Java console – handling of self-signed certificates Verification/improvements
– Admin client option to delay activation of bulk full text index
– Integration of validjson tool into the admin client

Functions from the code drop 1:
– Upgrade from CKEditor to 4.18 (the change is in Domino)
– daosencmgr tool
– Domino Backup supports native Windows VSS
– Security F.6 – 256 bit AES for database encryption
– Possibility to encrypt a database programmatically
– DQL 12.0.2 optimization
– Upload of support data via server command “Tell Domino Support
– Linux: Support for SELinux in enforcing mode
– Linux: Kernel 5.x support
– Updating IDVault (recertification) without end-user intervention
– IDVault update (key rollover) without user intervention
– KeyCloak SAML IdP requires support for HTTP Redirect Binding Signing
– Upgrade to OpenSSL 3.0.1 for FIPS 140-2 support
– Updating the CA root certificates supplied with Notes/Domino
– Adding the briefcase icon also to the group view in the Domino directory
– Adding the cell phone number to the phone column in the people view in the address book

Functions from Code Drop 2:
– Abolition of ADSync
– Improvement of the view update speed and throughput
– Safe use of the OSLoadLibrary, mainly under Windows
– Implement appropriate SCN QOS enhancements in OnPrem.
– Necessity of the NIFNSF tab in the server form

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