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New: Domino 11 Features

with Connections 6.5 & Sametime 11

The Domino 11 features launch is perfect. Here is a compact summary of the launch event on 4.12.2019.

Das_neue_HCL_Notes_V11-in-HCL design

Image source: HCL


Availability: Connections 6.5 is available since yesterday, dominoes and Sametime V11 will follow on FlexNet on December 20.

Briefly noted: Highlights of Domino 11 Features, Sametime V11 and Connections

Key themes of yesterday’s events Domino 11 Launch

  • HCL now also takes over the design
  • the software has become more independent of IBM
  • the software opens up for further software partnerships

What impact does this have on The Domino 11 features?

How do Sametime V11 and Connections 6.5 evolve?

Domino 11 Features

Just as announced in last year’s roadmap, HCL presented the new release yesterday.

HCL Domino V11

The new server can modernize existing applications with minimal effort and make them usable for mobile devices.

Thanks to new Active Directory synchronization, users and groups only need to be created in AD. They will also appear in the Domino Directory. This makes the AD the “single source of truth”.

Domino V11 now features with an Event Publisher that can propagate changes in Domino databases in cloud applications such as Azure.

Now dominoes can archive attachments of old mail from the Domino Attachment and Object Store (DAOS) to the AWS “Glacial Storage” in Domino V11.

HCL Notes 11 Client

Now with revised Mail & Calendar as well as integration into appointment coordination with OnTime and Approved Contact.

Domino 11 databases on your smartphone thanks to HCL Nomade

Image source: HCL

HCL Nomad

with the new Domino 11 features, the Domino database now also brings to iPhone and Android tablets. Notes applications simply run in the browser without the need for a Notes client.

Last but not least: The new applications

HCL Domino Volt as Beta

As a new low-code environment for simple new applications. Volt is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2020 and will run with Domino V10 and V11.

Your questions to the HCL Domino specialist
Do you have any questions about the Domino 11 features? Benefit from the specialist with 30 years of experience. Ask questions now for free!

HCL Connections 6.5

Now with a new HCL design and the changes:

  • Simplified invitations and password resets of external guests
  • Social Sidebar brings the Connections Communities to other websites
  • a new onboarding wizard helps new employees connect

HCL Sametime V11

Sametime is now independent of DB2 and Websphere. The new version now uses MongoDB for chats and focuses on Secure Messaging. In addition, Sametime is now working with systems from GotoMeeting, Webex, and others for conferences.

Did you know that about Domino?

There are more interesting facts than just Domino 11 features. Read about some “Backgrounds and Abysses” in the Domino HCL Notes article