Home Office as a saviour in crisis?

  • Access important data from home with mobile CRM solution and work on projects without restrictions
  • Keep processes running from the Home Office
  • Be able to react quickly to current situations

We implement mobile CRM solutions at short notice!

GEDYS IntraWare Awards und Partner für Digitalisierung der Unternehmensprozesse

Get a mobile workspace

Take advantage of the opportunity to work unrestrictedly from home with modern software and thus remain competitive!

face up to the crisis.

All protective measures must be followed so that the virus does not spread rapidly. “Flatten the curve” and “Stay home!” we’ve been hearing for months.

For this reason, we, as GEDYS IntraWare employees, also largely do withoutbusiness tripsand digitally map a large part of the communication in online meetings and telephone conferences. And we take advantage of the possibilities of the home office. Thanks to modern software, mobile access to important company and customer data is also guaranteed there and thus the progress of projects.

Home office as an opportunity

There is no longer any denying that the pandemic has suddenly changed our working world. Like many companies, you want to minimize the risk of contagion. The home office or switching between Presence and Home Office are currently the best options for doing so.

But you must remain active and capable of action. Cooperation between departments must continue. We support you with a mobile working environment and excellent CRM software. With the sophisticated replication technology in CRM, you can also work at home with the CRM databases on your company notebook.

Working in the home office:
With these solutions, you remain flexible

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Cloud CRM

Cloud CRM: work with CRM data via a browser
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CRM app

CRM app: work with your CRM data on your smartphone
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Cloud CRM: as software as a service including hosting

Secure your chances now!

We advise you free of charge on the options of mobile work environments as well as on timely implementation.
Dashboard im CRM-Release 8.11 auf Laptop, GEDYS IntraWare

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Home Office tips that we apply ourselves:

1. Create a quiet working environment

  • set up a fixed workplace (ideally with desk)
  • provide a good chair for comfortable sitting (optimal: office swivel chair)
  • Set up technology: VPN tunnels, video conferencing tools, chats, remote maintenance, etc.

2. Develop a work routine

  • Set times for work and coordinate with the team
  • Ensure accessibility (telephone, mail, chat)
  • regularly perform vikos with colleagues (keep in touch, exchange, inform)

3. Observe digital downtimes

  • Plan fixed breaks for food, exercise, family
  • Fold the notebook, turn off your mobile phone
  • ventilate regularly for a few minutes
  • possibly do relaxation exercises

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