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Domino 10 Argument 1

„The total cost of ownership for using, developing, and maintaining our entire business environment with standard ERP/HRM/PM solutions from Microsoft, SAP, and Salesforce would have been 15 times higher than Domino.“

Bernd Gewehr, Head of IT, Vössing Ingenieurgesellschaften mbH

Lower the total cost of ownership for running business applications.

  • Increased database and folder boundaries with automatic repair of database clusters and higher index resilience. For example, the DB size has increased from 64 GB to 256 GB.
  • Publish your Domino statistics to New Relic or other application monitoring tools now. As an administrator, you can see trends, the need for upgrades to new hardware, performance bottlenecks and which application to optimize.
  • SAML bundles improved Identity Provider (IdP) configuration for easier SSO integration, now with support for ADFS 4.0, and Domino ID/Vault Management enhancements.
  • Support for CentOS immediately reduces licensing costs because it is community-based free software. CentOS also lets you create docker Domino containers as easily as Red Hat Linux (or Windows). This enables you to provide your customers with Domino solutions on premises, in hybrid operation and in the cloud – wherever it makes sense for your business.

Rely on future-proof Domino applications with the world’s most widely used programming language

JavaScript integration brings together a community of 4.5 million developers and thousands of open source libraries with Domino developers. This allows new solutions with Domino data and all available REST APIs to be improved, integrated and easily created into a complete web stack:

  • Integrations with any node.js environment are done via the domino-db NPM and Domino App Dev Pack using the high-speed GRPC protocol. Domino App Dev Pack 1.0 is already available via Domino V10 Beta Forum.
  • Access to any REST API from the Domino scripting language LotusScript using standard HTTP commands such as GET, POST, etc.
  • Read, write and modify incoming and outgoing Domino data as JSON documents with the new JSON parser object from LotusScript.
  • Domino Query Language (DQL) has been added to Domino to support a native node.js programming model that is also accessible from the Domino command line or any Domino API.
Domino 10 Argument 2
Domino 10 Argument 1

Create “mobile ready solutions” with the new IBM Domino Mobile Apps for the Apple iPad.

Transfer your Domino-based desktop application to an app for your managers and field staff without any development effort.

  • This app application can access the same data, business logic, design, data replication and robust security, as the desktop application without requiring configuration on the Domino 10 server.
  • Previous investments in your applications will not be lost. In addition, you can work with the app online as well as offline. Wireless holes no longer interfere with your field work. Even extend your app solution with iPad features, including access to the tablet’s GPS and camera capabilities.
  • IBM Domino Mobile Apps will soon be available for clients upgraded to V10. IBM Subscription and Support will then be included at no additional cost. Beta access is now available.

More user interface flexibility and individuality

You can offer more flexible calendar management for individuals and teams, new email sending and notification capabilities, touchscreen support for Microsoft Windows Tablet devices and calendar interoperability with Microsoft Outlook with IBM Notes 10.

  • More individuality for users: A new workspace with custom color schemes, new date selection, font preview, and foldable left navigation. Updated import and export file types, including Microsoft Excel files.
  • New email features: Forward multiple messages as attached files in EML format. Improved email sending policies and notifications for users. New view by sender and additional signature for forwarding and replies. Schedule when your messages should be delivered with a time delay. Word integration
  • Extended calendar creation: Team calendar to support the management of resources with configurable team mailbox. Forwarding of meeting invitations by participants to others incl. configurability. The action “New calendar entry” now copies automatically the content of the message.
Domino 10 Argument 4
Domino 10 Argument 4

„Just as a decathlete must compete at a high level in all 10 disciplines, IBM Domino has proven that it has the versatility and agility we need to drive our billion-dollar business.“

Georg Schaller, Sales Information Management Leader, A1 Telekom

Perfectionize the rollout of your Domino applications with three compelling options – CentOS, Docker and IBM Cloud.

They help to reduce the cost and complexity of your data center:

  • The support of CentOS reduces the license costs immediately, because it is a community-based free software. CentOS also allows you to easily create Docker Domino containers, providing Domino solutions on premises, in hybrid mode and in the cloud – wherever it makes sense for your business.
  • IBM Domino Apps on Cloud (DAC) is based on the IBM Cloud. It combines the benefits of a public cloud with a dedicated, hosted private cloud solution for customers running their Domino apps securely. Because IBM maintains, supports and monitors the Domino environment, using DAC can reduce your TCO by 20-60%.
Roadmap IBM Domino 10

Domino Roadmap 

“The application platform that business users can use to solve their collaboration-intensive business problems – anyone, anywhere.”


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