Software can be so diverse.

No company is like the other. Each industry brings with it its own individual requirements.

Software solutions are used to help companies make their day-to-day work smooth. Find out how individual industries work with CRM software to secure a strong future.

Application examples and project processes for our customers

CRM for every industry

CRM for every industry - how diverse software can be 1


Professional project management with CRM software

Today, more than ever, the business consulting sector is concerned with topics such as digitalization, new technologies, future-proof processes and investments.

Find out how our CRM software starts right there and ensures more transparency and professional project management!

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Since 2002, the consulting service provider has been serving international companies in the transport, transport and logistics sectors as well as providers of information, communication and control networks. The network of about 100 consultants and experts focuses on strategic infrastructure management.

Project-oriented CRM

The management consultancy works mainly project-oriented. Before the introduction of GEDYS IntraWare, there was no CRM system to use. Each salesperson managed all address data and projects in an Excel sheet. This approach became increasingly problematic due to a lack of transparency and oversight for the employees involved in the project.

CRM online and offline in use

With the introduction of the CRM system of THE GEDYS IntraWare, the addresses from the Excel sheets were merged, cleaned up and imported into the newly established database. Employees access the software via the web browser as well as offline via the Notes Client.

Sophisticated rights system in project processing

A project is now created for each quotation order. All players, i.e. customers, partners, suppliers, etc., are assigned to this player. Project functions, such as consultants or suppliers, are assigned to the respective internal and external contact persons via role-based rights management.

The different user groups are appropriately assigned more or less limited rights, so that everyone can see and edit only what their function in the project is concerned. The internal project members will also receive an additional percentage of the contract.

From now on, responsibilities are clearly defined and address data and work orders are clearly structured for all.

CRM for every industry - how diverse software can be 2

Industry and manufacturing

Customer visits simplified – sales relieves

Industrial companies face the challenge of responding to new market developments, keeping an eye on costs and producing exactly the goods their customers want.

Read here how a mobile CRM system simplifies customer visits and significantly reduces sales.

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For more than 50 years, this craft and industrial company has been offering its customers all kinds of fasteners, small parts and complementary items as well as innovative services in the field of C-parts management.

Digitization in sales

Sales are personally managed on site at regular intervals. The processes have so far been documented and stapled in writing. Over time, however, needed documents could no longer be provided without extensive searching. For this reason, the desire arose for a mobile CRM system, which should significantly improve the evaluation possibilities of customer visits and relieve sales.

Mobile CRM

When the CRM system of GEDYS IntraWare was introduced, all sales areas, including a complex discount scale, were integrated into a mobile application. This allows salespeople to manage their customer logs faster and easier, and to retrieve all information immediately and anywhere.

Colleague CRM suggests visits

By integrating the visitor proposal lists, sales get a quick overview of which customers have not been visited for a long time. This enables employees to quickly plan and execute all customer visits in conjunction with Google Maps and perimeter search.

Link CRM and ERP

In addition, all quotations and order confirmations from the ERP system are sent to the operation databases and automatically linked to the customers. This allows employees to view all offers and order confirmations on the go as soon as they have been sent by the internal service. A great help for the cooperation of the departments and also a regular requirement for CRM for every industry.

CRM for every industry - how diverse software can be 3

Construction industry

Manage data centrally with CRM support

From real estate construction to civil engineering to complex construction projects: companies in the fields of infrastructure, real estate and the environment juggle data on objects, architects, service providers and regulations on a daily basis. It is important to manage all data (both internal and external) centrally and transparently for the respective processors.

With the introduction of our comprehensive CRM system, a construction company has ensured clarity and consistency in the company data. Here you can find out how the access permissions for all groups of people involved ensure the necessary security at the same time…

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The established construction company is a versatile group of companies with more than a dozen business areas. All business units supply, build, renovate and dispose of for their clients in the areas of infrastructure, real estate and environment.

CRM unifies data processing process

The company has previously worked with three different data systems: “ARRIBA” (all customers and vendors in the construction division), “Earth professional” (mainly customers, a few vendors) and “DKS” (movement data). Clarity and uniform data structures were difficult to achieve. Now a CRM base should be introduced that centrally combines all data in one system in order to implement a clear and uniform data processing process throughout the company.

GEDYS IntraWare CRM for Sales, Marketing and Service

The data from the three systems was merged and transferred to the new CRM system. From there, these are now managed centrally. The software has also been introduced for internal service and notes marketing, where a uniform management and editing structure is particularly important for the data. In addition, the web-based service help desk makes handling customer requests and support cases faster and more efficient.

Multi-tenancy always up-to-date

The “client capability” has been developed specifically for the company to ensure that each tenant or business can only access the data for which it is responsible. New functionalities are constantly being developed in this area.

The employees of the construction company save a lot of time in data management due to the introduction of CRM and have more space to concentrate on their customers.

CRM for every industry - how diverse software can be 4

Printing and packaging industry

Mobile and flexible with a cloud solution

Every day, millions of people hold the products of large printing and packaging companies in their hands. This requires well-thought-out production around the clock.

You can read here how our cloud CRM makes CRM web-enabled and mobile for the field service for the global manufacturer from the printing and packaging industry…

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The global supplier produces, among other things, paints, chemicals and various manufacturing equipment for the printing and packaging industry.

Notes databases become web-enabled

So far, the company has used a Notes-based CRM. Gradually, however, more and more external companies were acquired, which did not always have a Notes base. With a steady increase in subsidiaries, a simple solution for access management to the internal system proved to be indispensable. To do this, the Notes-based database should be web-enabled and made available as a mobile version to managers who need to approve documents on the go, for example.

Customer management is also mobile

The project was realized via a cloud-based complete solution for all customer management tasks. The additional mobile version also allows all field workers to access data and relevant customer information on the go.

Standard software for more security

The company’s project manager had developed the previous Notes databases himself. Since these were already similar to those of GEDYS IntraWare, the move to the new system was simplified on the one hand, and on the other hand, the employees were able to find their way around the structures that were sometimes familiar.

Look & Feel in Corporate Design

The web application has been precisely adapted to the corporate design and workflow of the company and now offers users a great deal of clarity. For example, flexible lists can be installed to improve the display structure.

Transparency and usability are top

The individually configurable start page of the mobile online application ensures quick and easy operation. This way, every employee always has the information they need for their daily work. Sharing documents are summarized and sorted by date. Also the shortcuts to the most important pages of the app are stored in a common representation at the top of the page.

The company benefits from the cloud solution, based on CRM for every industry, especially from

  • Time savings on approvals for managers
  • Facilitate access management for new employees and subsidiaries
  • high acceptance of users through the designs and structures they know
  • Personalization of the content by the scope of the menu views
CRM for every industry - how diverse software can be 5

Information technology

Trouble-free to the target

On the way to Industry 4.0, the use of robots and machines is becoming increasingly large and efficient. In order to be able to use these machines without any problems and to guarantee trouble-free production, software is developed that controls robots and machines.

Learn how service tickets and machine messages can be processed in the best possible way with CRM for service and how a satisfactory work flow is ensured…

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As a manufacturer of software for the robot sector, a way was needed to be able to manage incoming error messages from customers and change requests. At the same time, the corresponding software versions or releases should be documented with the resolved tickets and implemented change requests.

Service Management

The GEDYS IntraWare Service Module was fully used here. The Inventory database was used to manage versions and releases of the software. In the link view “Release” you can immediately see which tickets have been included in the respective release. In the Inventory database there is the possibility to create documentation for a new software release.

From the basic to the target version

A target version is selected from a basic version. All tickets related to the new target version (or release) that have been resolved by then can be assigned to the new release.

In the ticket overview there is a special tab that shows the selected ticket which software versions are affected by the “error”. This ensures fast problem solving, disruption and a more efficient and satisfactory workflow.

CRM for every industry - how diverse software can be 6

Plastics industry

Duplicate chaos adé thanks to CRM system

Several factors play an important role in achieving key goals for success, such as high sales, profit or new customer acquisition. A sound basis for all decisions is meaningful and well-maintained business information.

We describe how the plastics processing company, which manufactures profiles for window and door systems, as well as PVC panels, can be a leap ahead of the competition thanks to a high quality of information…

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Lack of quality of business information can cause high costs for companies and affect customer relationships. Important strategic opportunities could also be missed.

More transparency called for

Due to the increasing dissatisfaction with the overview and discovery of duplicates, a central CRM system has been set up. For each data type, there are often different records in different databases, but they actually represent the same object.

No duplicate records despite different sources

Data integration has optimized and connected data from multiple sources to avoid duplicate records. The effective interfaces to systems such as SAP do this overnight and have been able to significantly improve the data quality of the company.

All data at the push of a button

As soon as a company or contact opens in the central Contacts database, an automatic branching of the system with the respective contacts is created, so that all relevant information is displayed to the user. The central Contacts database is mainly used by management. (Regular implementation with CRM for every industry)

Key figures and statistics for sales

In addition, a comprehensive overview of key figures and statistics should be created and maintained for all purchases made in the company. Since such a project is time-consuming and cumbersome, the internal process should also be optimized using a CRM. This is done with the reports specially made from the SAP, which are converted into a separate statistical database. The collected data is then available to the sales department for further actions.

crm for every industry


Customer information for all

In the field of agricultural management, too, it is becoming increasingly important to use software for effective management of agriculture, production technologies, animal husbandry and crop cultivation.

Here we describe how our customer from the software development industry, who develops pre-operational applications for argar management, is now working with a modern web solution through the targeted use of individual modules of our CRM…

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With the software developer, due to high dissatisfaction with their web applications, began to search for a suitable CRM provider. In order to generate web solutions as quickly as possible, the decision was made on the GEDYS IntraWare CRM solution, as the handling of the application met the needs of the users very well.

Focus on work focus

Thanks to the user-specific workbench design, each user can focus on his or her own work priorities and work without ballast. In addition to handling, the price-performance ratio and design were decisive for the decision in favour of the GEDYS IntraWare CRM solution.

Mobile access with rights concept and sales hierachie

The use of THE GEDYS IntraWare CRM, with a sales hierarchy based on the company’s rights concept, now allows sales partners to gain access to relevant documents. The sales partners thus have access to customer information from any location and can maintain it accordingly.

CRM for every industry - how diverse software can be 7

Conveyor technology

Effectively generate business applications

In the industrial and manufacturing industry, specific solutions are needed in order to be able to carry out highly complex production and work steps. Services to be provided also require constant monitoring of processes.

For the fourth-generation family-owned company, which offers services around forklifts & work platforms, our CRM has been adapted so that history of rental and maintenance data has become transparently usable. Read more here…

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To make its business applications more effective, the company decided to renew its existing software system. On the one hand, your wish was to adapt the Mobile-Rich Client / Mobile-Offline App with customer-specific data and on the other hand to the presentation of the ERP data without using the ERP system, which should enable a simple overview of internal activities.

ERP data mobile – also offline

In addition, there was an increasing desire for an ERP and inventory data to be represented in the mobile offline client, as well as the simple monitoring of project lists in order to control sales forecasts, among other things. In addition, the focus was on a customer value analysis divided into two areas on an ERP data basis.

Implementation for 30,000 devices

This was followed by the adaptation of the mobile offline app with customer-specific data and an inventory with more than 30,000 devices. Inventory rental and maintenance histories were also imported to show a corresponding representation of the histories in the Mobile Offline app. By splitting into two areas, a quick and uncomplicated overview of customer value analyses is available in the Mobile Office app.

The application takes place at six locations throughout Germany (Eisenach, Erfurt, Göttingen, Kassel, Suhl and Wernigerode) and was introduced in the areas of sales and marketing.

CRM for every industry - how diverse software can be 8

Textile & fashion industry

Fast communication with easy application

Central and transparent overviews are also increasingly important in the textile sector. For example, the responsible personnel must have the right material at hand for each step of the work.

Our customer, an internationally active company in the textile industry, uses our CRM solution and thus supports the HR department, for which relevant data can now be accessed at all times…

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The internationally renowned company in the textile sector was increasingly looking for a central application with which the HR department can provide information on the entry, change and exit of an employee to the relevant areas. In addition, there was a desire for a selection option for supervisors who can specify permissions or assign work materials such as tools and work clothes.

Central user master data sheet

By introducing the CRM system, the relevant departments of the company could be informed about the allocation or spending of appropriate resources. Thus, relevant information can be stored in a user master data sheet, so that data about authorizations or output materials can be retrieved at any time. A one-time initial import of users from an Excel list was performed.

CRM für jede Branche

Suppliers to industry & craft

Digitisation of customer relationships

Strong customer relationships and sophisticated sales are two prerequisites for successful companies. Mobile access via a CRM App enables employees to access relevant customer data at any time and thus provide the best possible service.

Learn how a supplier’s field service is improving its success by using a CRM with mobile access…

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The sales department of the supplier for crafts and industry has set itself the task of serving its customers on site at regular intervals. Individual processes were documented and stapled in writing. Over time, however, these documents could no longer be provided without extensive searching.

For this reason, the desire for a CRM system arose that significantly improves the evaluation possibilities in order to relieve the burden on sales. When the CRM was introduced, all revenue fields, including a complex discount tier, were integrated into the goMobile app, allowing salespeople to quickly and easily manage their customer logs and retrieve all information immediately and anywhere. By integrating the visitor proposal lists into goMobile, sales get a quick overview of which customers have not been visited for a long time. This allows sales reps to quickly plan and execute all customer visits in conjunction with Google Maps and perimeter search.

ERP data on mobile devices

In addition, all quotations and order confirmations from the ERP system are sent to the operation databases and automatically linked to the customers. This allows sales to view all offers and order confirmations on the go as soon as they have been sent by the internal service.

Mobile CRM in sales

Sales are very satisfied with this solution and use goMobile daily with their customers. A typical implementation with a CRM for every industry.

Branche Maschinenbau, GEDYS IntraWare

Machine- & plant engineering

Company-wide communication: How Germany is pulling together with Brazil, China and Russia

Company-wide communication is extremely important for internationally operating companies in the mechanical engineering industry. Even if the German boss and the Brazilian production manager have a lot of distance to bridge, everything should work as easily as possible – as if you were sitting in the same office and working together.

Find out how an internationally active company uses a CRM solution in mechanical and plant engineering to support sales and service…

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The company has many different locations throughout Germany, but also abroad. In order to optimize the communication and individual workflows, which must also work across countries, GEDYS IntraWare CRM is to replace the already existing “self-knitted” CRM.

Up to now, linear folder editing is used and the data for this is obtained from various sources. In conjunction with the subsidiaries, it is not easy to keep track of the data, as not every employee has access to all data in every location. This makes it difficult to understand who, when, on which document. All in all, therefore, unstructured and not optimal for the cooperation of several locations.

As additional requirements for the processing of the data have now arisen (extended sales processes, sales data, evaluation options for opportunities), there is a need for a uniform overall solution of all processes. GEDYS IntraWare is already used as a database for correspondence and is therefore the first choice for a complete roll-out.

With the introduction of the CRM, a uniform handling of the data can now be ensured and established throughout the company. Due to resubmissions and the reminder function, no more appointments can be lost sight of. This makes it much easier for companies and their subsidiaries to communicate. All have access and overview of the same data in a unified CRM system. Of course, it is also a great relief for the sales department of the company, because it allows you to respond quickly and easily to customer requests, even on the go. Pre-programmed workflows make it easy to understand who is involved in a work operation. This creates transparency and challenges are solved more quickly.

Maintaining and evaluating opportunities is also an important requirement, because time is money. That is why it is necessary to quickly recognize the real potential and to be at the customer’s place in good time. After all, the customer does not like to wait.

In the course of the company-wide introduction, the system will also be introduced in English in order to further simplify communication between Germany and its subsidiaries abroad.

GEDYS IntraWare has helped the company optimize its data processes, simplify communication between many locations and facilitate everyday work.


Company description

The company manufactures machines, process stages or entire factories – for more than 160 years, it has been the point of contact when it comes to industrial sugar production and refining. With its periodic and continuous centrifuges, it also achieves worldwide success across all sectors. The variety of services and high customer orientation along the entire process chain are reasons why international customers entrust their projects to the company from the first idea sketch to the regular optimization of their machines and systems.

In addition, the company offers engineering services to “Made in Germany” worldwide. In addition to its headquarters in Germany with about 400 employees, the company has five other subsidiaries in Brazil, China, Russia, Tunisia and the USA.

Branche Consulting, GEDYS IntraWare

Service & consulting

Question-based calculation of the probability of an opportunity using the Scotsman method

Digital solutions are needed to automatically evaluate opportunities in the service industry using a questionnaire. In this example, the SCOTSMAN method has been integrated into our CRM. With this automation, leads are now analyzed and qualified faster and more accurately than before.

Read more about optimizing the opportunity valuation process here…

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The following AG is a company that has been active in the field of consulting and software development since 1984 and counts mainly banks, insurance companies and financial service providers among its customers.

The AG has already used a large number of CRM modules from GEDYS IntraWare GmbH, including address and process management as well as forecasting and offering, including for mobile devices.

As the company requirements had changed, the process of valuation of opportunities was adjusted individually on request and the so-called SCOTSMAN method was integrated into the GEDYS IntraWare CRM. This method enables a question-based, automated calculation for the chances of a successful sale. This also provides more detailed information on the areas in which optimization potential still exists.

The SCOTSMAN methodology is based on eight aspects of lead qualification and outlines questions that sales people should ask themselves before investing time and resources in a potential customer:

  • Solution
  • Competition
  • Originality
  • Timescale
  • Size
  • Money
  • Authority
  • Need

Thanks to the high flexibility of our service in terms of adaptations and the use of our products, the company’s sales have significantly increased its success rate.

Company description

The company has existed in the consulting and software industry since 1984. The more than 500 employees of the family-owned company work at six locations in Germany, two locations in Switzerland and one in France (Paris).

Branche Finanzen, GEDYS IntraWare


Millions of dollars transparent and easy to handle

Non-profit organizations in the financial sector also need a transparent overview of all activities and transactions of companies and contacts. Without double maintenance of address data.

Find out how a non-profit company in Switzerland uses a CRM solution in the financial sector to make work processes consistent and efficient and to shorten the processing time of individual cases…

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The company decided to replace the existing software with a modern CRM software in the future, because the demands of the organization had changed a lot. The system should be easy to use and shorten processing times.

The organisation had an old address system that was no longer appropriate for the processing of your clients (pension funds in Switzerland with deposits in the amount of several digits of CHF). The old system had been adapted and changed for the needs of the company and in the end too complicated for the smooth processing.

The aim was to introduce a CRM system with which activities and processes can be stored about companies and their contact persons. It was also important that the responsibilities (supervisors) are mapped transparently. In addition, the dual maintenance of addresses should be avoided as far as possible.

Great emphasis has been placed on the structured and thus unified approach to day-to-day work. This is provided in THE GEDYS IntraWare CRM by means of common schedules, uniform workflows as well as a comprehensive overview of contacts and contracts for all employees. This also enables faster, more effective processing of business processes and greater transparency for all stakeholders.

Time savings were another decisive factor, as employees are facilitated and simplified the entire work process. Time saved can now be invested in other processes.

Company description

The non-profit organisation is based in Switzerland. The focus is on the management of well-diversified, high-quality collective investment schemes. It manages pension funds amounting to more than CHF 7.3 billion for more than 500 private and public pension funds throughout Switzerland.

Branche Nahrungsmittel-Industrie, GEDYS IntraWare


Spice company sharpens its customer management

The food industry often needs solutions to provide the field service with all the necessary sales and customer information. Especially if there is no internet connection.

Find out how CRM provides transparent information to the field of a German spice company for every industry with an integrated ERP interface. Online as well as offline…

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Until now, the company worked exclusively with the Software SoftM as an ERP system. This system did not offer the field service an application with offline use. As a new system, GEDYS IntraWare CRM was therefore selected as the optimal customer management system. Now you can work offline quickly and easily.

Within the CRM project, the ERP interfaces were also implemented via PUMP ASCII and web service, and statistical information was imported for the respective employees. The GEDYS IntraWare CRM application is now in use throughout Germany with the field service.

Company description

The German spice company employs more than 900 people and has seven production facilities in Europe. More than 40,000 tons are produced on a wide range of food ingredients and additives per year. The company has an annual turnover of 180 million euros.

Branche Zollabwicklung, GEDYS IntraWare

Customs service

Increased efficiency through service management

As a service provider for international forwarding and customs clearance, the topic of invoicing must be automated in order to be able to carry out upcoming work in a timely manner.

Learn how our customer uses a GEDYS IntraWare CRM solution for their customs clearance services to reduce the processing time of complex split bookings…

Read more about ''Customs service'' ...

Our customer, who has been a service provider for international forwarding and customs clearance for more than 35 years, decided to expand its existing GEDYS Intraware CRM in order to expand the user base, as they are very satisfied with the system and the cooperation with the GEDYS IntraWare GmbH.

The CRM has been extended by the Tach’les module. The special feature of the introduction was to integrate the building block without project manager and time recording. Only the invoices should be recorded and processed via the Tach’les system. The transactions are then transferred to an external system.

A specialty: the solution for split bookings

In our CRM, a dialog is called for each individual split. The selected ledger account, cost object, and cost center are automatically pre-assigned with an available value and displayed in the available values. Each value can be changed by an employee via a selection box. The new split set is then transferred to the position list via the OK button.

If all lines have been split correctly, all selected posting records are generated after clicking on the OK switch.

The posting rates are first entered in the invoice itself. This allows you to call up a split transaction again if something is not correct or changed.

At night, an agent runs, transferring the new transaction records from the invoice to the actual transfer file and marking the invoice as “posted” so that a subsequent change to the split transaction can no longer be made.

If the administrator resets the transaction, the booking can be corrected again. The unique invoice number allows the booking system to recognize that the transaction has already been posted once and that it has been reversed or that the new revised values have been repaid.

Company description

The company described is a software company that has been established on the market for more than 35 years. It offers digital solutions for international forwarding & customs handling and supply chain management. The headquarters are in Hamburg, with offices in Bremen, Frankfurt, Freiburg and Eindhoven.

Branche Fertigung, GEDYS IntraWare


Replacement of an existing system with data transfer

In the manufacturing industry, too, companies with many companies have the desire for a uniform CRM system. Replacing one or more existing systems is a challenge if all data is to be taken over.

Find out how our CRM creates a uniform corporate image for every industry, including manufacturing, simplifies processes and saves working time….

Read more about ''Manufacturing'' ...

In this project, all existing companies of a company should be migrated to GEDYS IntraWare CRM. Some companies already use our CRM, all others worked with the CRM system Maximizer, which has now been replaced by GEDYS IntraWare CRM.

In advance, many remote sessions were held to get to know the functionalities of the existing CRM and to inspect them in the GEDYS IntraWare CRM. The main topic was the transfer of data from the old CRM. In the future, all processes of the company should be transparently mapped in a CRM system.

As part of the introduction, all addresses of the old CRM were imported into the new CRM. So are the opportunities. E-mails, information, attachments and notes were migrated as operations to an archive and this archive was integrated into the GEDYS IntraWare CRM. Thus, after the migration, the users could continue working directly with the existing data set – but now with more possibilities that the add-in BusinessMail offers in our CRMs.

The special feature of this project was that all users were already familiar with the basic idea of a CRM. At the start of the project, we were able to work intensively with the employees to tailor the GEDYS IntraWare CRM to all requirements as precisely as possible.

The GEDYS IntraWare CRM has also been translated into French for Canada, so that companies there can work with the same application and communicate fully with the locations in Germany.