Bild zu Blog Wer braucht CRM von GEDYS-IntraWare

Who needs CRM?

Who needs CRM? A question many companies ask themselves. Why it is not enough to maintain customer data in an Excel spreadsheet is explained in a clear way.


Bild zu Blog 4 Vorteile von CRM von GEDYS IntraWare

4 Benefits of CRM

This is what a CRM system does for your company, your customers, partners and employees. We present four enormous advantages of CRM software.


Bild Blog Eigenschaften eines CRM von GEDYS-IntraWare

Properties of a CRM system

The characteristics of a CRM system are versatile and are constantly evolving. Here we list the core functions of ordinary CRM software and consciously distinguish them from each other.


Bild Blog 7 Phasen GEDYS IntraWare

The 7 Phases of CRM Introduction

Comparing CRM systems and selecting the right provider is time-consuming. That’s why we’ll explain to you in a nutshell what you should pay attention to when introducing a CRM system.