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Use these 4 marketing tools to push your marketing

If you’re looking for the perfect marketing tools for your team today, you’ll be quickly overwhelmed by a flood of different applications for all sorts of individual cases.

Which marketing tools really drive me forward?

It is important to know what you need to create the optimal working basis for your team. Most marketing teams have systems for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management (CMS) and Marketing Automation (MAP). Digital Asset Management (DAM) is less common, but of great importance for a fluid workflow. Here we explain in a nutshell what makes up these individual elements and why you only take advantage of all the advantages by connecting different systems.

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With a marketing tool CRM system (What is a CRM system?) you use software to collect, maintain and successfully expand your leads to customers with access to the collected data. This supports your customer centering and retention as well as your cooperation with customers, partners or suppliers.

The CRM marketing tool also serves with a 360° view of your customer and his customer journey to unlock his wishes from the collected data and thus to be able to address him better. For example, target group analysis allows precise cross- and up-selling campaigns to be planned and their results evaluated.

2. Content Management System (CMS)

This is software that was originally intended to primarily support the generation and management of digital content, especially for websites. In the meantime, however, the marketing tool CMS also serves many other digital channels and, for example, also evaluates the visitor information. It transfers conversions and data to your CRM optimally, so that you can then make more personalized content available to the (potential) customer.

3. Marketing Automation Platform (MAP)

The MAP marketing tool is software that automates email marketing processes and collects data for evaluation. These are then typically synchronized with your CRM system to assess the success of the measure and track sales leads.

For example, campaigns can be easily planned, carried out and evaluated using the conversions from the link to the marketing tool CMS.

4 core tools for marketing, graphic from GEDYS IntraWare
4 core tools for marketing

4. Digital Asset Management (DAM)

With the marketing tool DAM-Software you manage all your media data centralized and clear for all employees. Adding meta data will make content resources easier to search through and allow all employees to access additional information about the file. This helps ensure that you adhere to a unified design and content strategy and makes the content generation workflow more effective.

What you need to do for an effective workflow

In order to make the workflow in your marketing team as efficient as possible, the integration of the chosen marketing tool is especially important. Especially if you want to use multiple marketing tools. The data between your systems should be synchronized so that the recovery of the information can be as holistic as possible and work steps for manual transfers between separate applications are saved. Merging all data in CRM is of great importance for customer-centric work.

This means that when purchasing the various software and marketing tools, you should pay attention to existing standard application programming interfaces (APIs) that greatly simplify the connection of the systems or approach software vendors that offer a high degree of individualisation. Equally, the simple extensibility of the software should also be in your focus, because technologies are evolving rapidly, just as your company is increasingly exposed to change today.

Optimal workflow with GEDYS IntraWare

After 30 years of experience as a CRM software provider, we know the importance of a smooth process in everyday business. Our CRM software offers you numerous functions that go beyond the capabilities of a classic CRM and are available in tools such as MAP (CRM in marketing in combination with CleverReach) or DAM (GEDYS IntraWare Knowledge). In addition, the modular design allows you to tailor the system to your individual needs.

The CRM is usually the leading system in customer communication and lead generation from which you and your employees primarily operate. The integration of already used or new software into the CRM system and thus the establishment of an efficient workflow is important to us and will be realized by us gladly for you.

From lead to customer! See how you can track, grow and win leads with clear campaign management. Quickly edit, evaluate and control.

Video: Plan & control campaigns - english
Video: Plan & control campaigns – english