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Micro Moments –

The “little” moments matter

We don’t go online from time to time, we’re always online. Whether at home on a PC or on the go with our smartphones. We can use search functions, buy something or, googling pictures of sights at any time, no matter where we are. As a result, even short moments change the customer experience – the so-called micro moments! You can find out what this means for you in this blog post:

Mobile devices have changed the way we use the Internet. In the past, we only reached the World Wide Web via a fixed PC.

Today, the average user of a smartphone touches his touchscreen up to 2,617 times a day. Once you reflect on your own smartphone behavior, you can calculate how much time it spends on the Internet. The smartphone is our constant companion, knowledge supplier and helper in everyday life. We no longer need the Internet just to retrieve our emails or stay in touch with friends.

Micro Moments
Micro Moments

Moments that inspire us

We experience very special moments on the Internet: moments that inspire us. We experience moments in which we seek information and thereby discover new things. These are the “moments of decision.”

Google refers to these moments as Micro Moments. “A micro moment is an action guided by an intention or thought on a mobile device.”

In contact with the consumer

The need for us to share photos of friends on the net, update our calendar or answer an e-mail quickly on the bus is nothing special anymore. But for companies and brands, these moments are of the utmost importance. When consumers seek a solution to an acute problem, need to go to a specific location, or need a service, touch points arise that offer a chance to small and local providers. So it has never been easier to reach the right person at the right time, with the right message, with every single contact!

The above actions offer companies the opportunity to get in touch with the consumer. Google distinguishes between four relevant actions:

I want that to know now-moments – these are moments when the user searches for help and needs information over the Internet. For example, if the user has been recommended a certain cooking oil by friends, but he does not know it, then the user wants to know more about it and needs information. He can quickly find out about this via a mobile device.

I want to do this now-moments – moments when the user very often ends up with tutorials or know-how instructions. Whether cooking recipes or repair instructions, with the smartphone the user can train himself at any time and help himself.

I need to find this-moments – here the user already knows exactly what he wants. These are interesting moments from the point of view of local businesses. The user searches for a place, usually directly near him or her. If you search locally, you often also buy in a local shop.

I need to have that now-moments – these are moments when the user wants to buy a product specifically. With your smartphone, you can get targeted information here. In this case, the consumer decides to make a purchase. The smartphone becomes a decisive factor for or against a purchase.

How can you respond to Micro Moments?

1. Understand the Costumer Journey

When do you need to be present with your product for your potential customer? Try to get inside the user and reach them while they are inspired or looking for product information. Be in the right place with your product at the right time.

2. Customers understand

Put yourself in the position of your potential customer. Ask yourself what you can improve to deliver the right content to every situation.

3. Information for a positive user experience

Use the signals such as location, time and provide the right solution for the seeker. For example, let users who are looking for specific shoes near you know that you have exactly this model in stock in your store.

4. Optimize touch points

We move seamlessly across different devices and channels on the Internet. They should be well positioned on all possible channels. Get your potential customers on as many meaningful channels as possible.

5. Measure every moment, including Micro Moments, of customer travel

It is important to track your potential customers through all possible channels in order to gain relevant information for your business and other procedures.

Optimize your potential customers’ Costumer Journey and their Micro Moments with CRM software that picks up your prospects at the right points and strengthens your customer loyalty. You have important information about your customers at your fingertips, with a CRM app on the go, so you can respond quickly and appropriately to customer requests.

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