6 expert tips for mobile working on the go

If you want to work on the go, you should be well prepared

Working on the go offers some advantages over the presence of work in the office, which is why this form of work is becoming more and more popular: to make better use of travel times, to combine family, work and leisure more easily or to promote creativity through new impressions. Under certain conditions, this is more effective than in the Office.

1. Preparing mobile work

Before you open your mobile office, you need to coordinate not only with your boss and also with your colleagues. Also note that you inform your contact person during important customer calls and there is a secure connection on the go with which you can make undisturbed calls.

2. Do you have all folders, programs & emails with you?

Wherever you go and work on the go, it means having to take everything with you. Check in advance whether you have all the programs with you and can access everything you need to get on the go.

Mobile working – that’s what you should think about:

    • mobile device – i.e. smartphone, tablet or laptop
    • all Office programs
    • Communication tool such as Skype or Face Time
    • Retrieving your emails
    • Note program
    • possibly a time recording tool
    • Access to the data storage (Dropbox, etc.)
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4. Power and Internet supply

Of course, you also need power and a fast internet connection for your mobile work. In case you don’t have a power connection on the go, you should pack a good battery and a power bank. For the Internet connection, you need places with a strong and secure Wi-Fi connection or, if more independence is required, a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot with sim card for various mobile networks. A Wi-Fi amplifier (= Wi-Fi repeater) may also be helpful.

5. Headphones

Always have good headphones that filter out ambient noise. Best including headset, then you have both hands free to type. This makes the work during a phone call much more convenient.

6. Train instead of car

In order to take advantage of the travel time, it is recommended to travel by train. Get in, secure space with table group and off you go. In many trains there are extra rest compartments, in which you can work even more pleasant lyre and quieter mobile.

6. Other countries, other plugs

For working abroad, you should definitely think about suitable socket adapters.

Using cloud programs

If you want to make your mobile work easier, use https://www.gedys-intraware.com/products/cloud-crm-solution/stored on a server in the cloud. This has the advantage that you can work flexibly from any location as in the office, no matter which device you want to use. You can access the cloud server at any time with a stable and fast Internet connection. The fact that the programs are not installed on your devices not only saves time, but also costs and annoying maintenance work.

In addition, web applications offer many helpful modules and functions that make your life easier and greatly shorten your work processes. These include ERP and CRM systems (What is a CRM system?) as well as cloud-based graphics applications.

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Mobile work – How to be productive

For smartphone users, apps that are specifically tailored to use on smartphones are helpful: functional design and ease of use make it easier for you to work mobile. With our https://www.gedys-intraware.com/products/mobile-crm-application-the-crm-app/, you can be meaningful anytime, anywhere.

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