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Motivating by understanding the big picture

Inspire with a look at the big picture.

Take fear of the unknown: Awakening understanding of CRM adoption

Just prescribing new policies or programs in a company can quickly encounter resistance from employees. That is why it is important to prevent resistance with various measures, as it could lead to the failure of a project in the worst case scenario.

In our case: A successful CRM implementation depends on the positive basic attitude, understanding of the innovation and willingness of the employees to cooperate. And this can be achieved through transparency and openness.

Foresight of the big picture
Foresight of the big picture

Tip 1: Give foresight

Without acceptance of the unknown new, a workforce will not be willing to call up the services required by the management. In order to create acceptance, it is therefore important to inform all employees from the beginning, permanently and comprehensively, and to create an understanding of CRM.

Participating in success

Give them the feeling of being part of an important process in their company. Information packages should address change processes, but also the purpose and purpose of introducing a CRM system. Thus, the employee can also gain an understanding of the big picture.

Ideas for involving and motivating employees in CRM implementation

  1. Speech of the management / CRM Manager to the entire workforce as a starting signal
  2. Include the requirements of the teams and forward them to the CRM team (feedback from the CRM team)
  3. regular FAQ sessions (issues should be addressed and solutions provided)
  4. Employee newspaper with visions, goals, tasks, contact persons, process and status of the project
    (in different editions to document progress)
  5. Motivation posters for the offices, possibly with quotes from other departments
  6. Roll-up banners in the corridors, break rooms
  7. playful and humorous actions (e.g. sweepstakes or distribution of funny postcards or mugs)

Convincing of the vision

Is it possible to arouse employees’ interest in Customer Centricity and CRM software? Are they convinced of the vision behind it? This is where the focus of the effort lies. Acceptance and understanding of changes in the company is the basis for successful CRM adoption and permanent use. It is important to build on this basis. The first thing employees need to do is learn how to operate the new CRM system and use it safely in the ongoing business process, and secondly, they must want it.

“Employee motivation, training and ease of use are the key factors for successful CRM adoption.”

(Kale 2005)

Tip 2: Deploy top executives

Well-trained managers are an important prerequisite for motivating employees. Until the time of CRM adoption, they are the handlebars throughout the change process. They always give answers when it comes to understanding the innovations.

“The safest way to increase competitiveness is to recruit and select the best people to train and motivate them and provide effective leadership. This will greatly increase the likelihood that employees will engage effectively with customers and their colleagues.”

(Payne/Frow 2006)

Here are some suggestions:

  • Kick-off: First introduce CRM to the specialist managers (goals, tasks, aids)
  • Provide knowledge (training, books, webinars, etc.)
  • After that: Specialist managers introduce CRM to their employees
  • Help employees (Jourfix, Daily Stand up Meeting, etc.)
  • work in a spirit of partnership
  • Employee interviews (allow free development of skills)

Tip 3: Ensure Competence – Understanding Requires Knowledge

In addition to gaining competence, training should also increase motivation and understanding. This is achieved if you look at not only the individual steps, but also the entire process and the goals behind it. Internal coaching promotes the self-management of employees and teams. Training courses and webinars round off the implementation of the CRM in order to make employees work with the application and the customer in a motivated and competent manner. After that, however, the knowledge has to be refreshed again and again. The software is evolving. New employees are added.

  • Overview of existing processes. What suggestions for improvement are there?
  • User training Basic (e.g. to CRM app)
  • User training Advanced (e.g. to BusinessMail4SAP)
  • regular tips & tricks webinars (record and provide as a video)
  • Best practice from our own ranks or from the manufacturer
  • Update training (“This is new in the software.”)

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Understanding CRM motivates employees
Understanding CRM motivates employees

Tip 4: Value user-friendly software

The CRM software is designed to take work away from employees (automation), provide information (transparency) and do so in an uncomplicated way (user-friendliness). The adaptation of the software to the wishes of the customer should be self-evident. analysis and consultation during the workshops. Processes should be constantly put to the test and improved. So that the CRM system ultimately delivers what it promises when employees work with it.

  • Advice in the run-up to the project
  • Execution of workshops e.g. preparation of specifications
  • CRM audits to increase CRM efficiency
  • regular reviews
  • Management Jour Fixes

All together creates an understanding of the big picture – at all levels – and motivates them to act independently. For the benefit of customers, the company and the employees. With 100% CRM.