The countdown is on: new GDPR starts on May 25, 2018


To date, many companies have taken too few or practically no actions to implement the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). At the same time, this law is also a key success factor for digital transformation.

According to an IDC study, 44 percent of respondents have not yet taken any action and 27 percent do not believe they will be ready by the May deadline. This could be a result of the fact that many of those in IT and technical departments as well as CRM managers take the change to the GDPR lightly. In many places there has still been no review and analysis of the current processes. Time is running out and a concrete action plan is difficult to create on your own.

„There is no other explanation for the fact that 44 percent of organisations surveyed by IDC have not yet taken action. Almost a third, specifically 27 percent, stated that they do not expect to be ready by the deadline. The mid-sized sector, in particular, lags behind; 39 percent of this group doubt that they will have implemented the necessary processes and measures in time.“

Ignorance and the lack of transparency about the jungle of regulations are additional causes for the lack of action up to now. Management as well as staff lack expertise and practical examples. Where must we start? What has to be done by when? How does my software have to be adapted? These and similar questions are currently being asked by those responsible. In many companies, knowledge of those areas and processes affected which come into contact with personal data is often scarce or even completely lacking. Those responsible therefore need to build up extensive expertise immediately and start the project in their own company.

The countdown is on: how much can you still achieve in the four months that are left?

We are out and about for you locally in Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt, and offer you support in implementing the new GDPR with our Roadshow. Data protection expert Mr Ralf Schulze (Managing Director of Kedua GmbH) gives a practically oriented overview of the points of the new regulation. He provides definitions of important terms and clarifies paragraphs, rights and obligations. This will provide you with security in the daily handling of your personal data and ensure you do not face increased penalties.