Brand new: GEDYS IntraWare 8.9!


Everything new, modern and comfortable:

We are getting ready. The new release is state-of-the-art and can convince in terms of marketing, data protection and mobile applications.

An update is not only an update for us – it’s all, as usual, only much better. With the new release of GEDYS IntraWare 8.9 we have worked hard for you. In addition to basic things, such as general optimizations, we thought about important customer requirements with a special focus on GEDYS IntraWare Web and Mobile. More than 390 new features and restructurings were integrated in favor of stability, future security and performance.

A big step forward are the new marketing features that let you quickly and easily manage, control and create campaigns in a fresh campaign monitor design. The Campaign Cockpit gets you an overview of all campaigns and with new graphical representation, you can understand the progress easily.

Another special feature is the enormous upgrade of the new goMobile pro App, whereby the work can also be controlled on the go and offline. The design has all the features of a modern app and is easy to use. Your start page is configurable and you have everything you need at a glance. The new and improved search function makes working even easier, since the entire database is searched in seconds and a clear list of all contents found is delivered to you. Simple, fast and comfortable.

One of the key points is the provision of functions for the implementation of the new EU Data Protection Directives. In all areas in which the CRM is affected by the guidelines, we have incorporated crucial solutions and features, that make you as a user act compliant with data protection. Right to logging, proof of duty as well as the “right to forget” are just some of the points that now are implemented in the new GEDYS IntraWare 8.9.

You are on the safe side with us – we’ll guide you safely through the privacy jungle. Have not taken any action yet? Book last-minute workshop now and be prepared by 25.05.2018!