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What is a Notes Domino CRM?

Notes Domino CRM is a customer management system directly integrated into the Notes Domino platform. GEDYS IntraWare has developed such a system especially for HCL Notes. A document-oriented database system with seamless email integration for HCL Notes.

Just like in HCL Notes, masks are used to display or modify the data content of CRM documents, which have the advantage that they can be freely edited and designed. With an existing HCL Domino server, the software brings everything necessary to connect employees in a company with each other to important business applications or information databases. Alternatively, the CRM can also be used as a cloud CRM solution.

Reasons for Notes Domino CRM

More and more new ways of working are increasing the demands on CRM software

Different end devices and mail systems are to be supported and customer work integrated. Notes Domino CRM manages to support all platforms such as cloud CRM, mobile CRM app and web and allows to combine or switch them at any time.

Notes Domino CRM also offers the ability to assemble individual solutions from flexible modules – from address management and campaign management to sales control and ITIL help desk, including analytics and reports. The unique architecture enables flexible expansion, just as the corporate structure with various areas, national and sales organizations is required.

Notes Domino CRM by GEDYS IntraWare

As the best HCL Notes Domino software, Notes Domino CRM from GEDYS IntraWare by IBM (predecessor of Notes Domino) has been awarded several times. Among others with the award “Best Total IBM Lotus Software Solution” or in the category “Extending Collaboration to Mobile Devices” the Lotus Notes CRM from GEDYS IntraWare is considered as one of the best solutions. Here you can learn more about the HCL Notes Domino service.

Companies using HCL Lotus Notes have the option with GEDYS IntraWare CRM to integrate the CRM system directly into their Notes environment. The advantages of integrating a CRM system with HCL Lotus Notes are, on the one hand, seamless working in a familiar environment, so that employees do not have to reorient themselves. On the other hand, the implementation of an HCL Lotus Notes CRM system eliminates the need to switch between the CRM and Notes, saving working time and making processes even more efficient.

Functions of the Notes Domino CRM of GEDYS IntraWare

The CRM 360° function offers a fast and unique way of working, which already provides all important information about the sender in the mailbox. In addition, the communication processes can be unified and company-wide transparency on contact data with legally compliant communication can be created.

Forms, processes and applications are efficiently controlled – individual solutions are implemented by optimizing the most important information, audit and approval processes as well as warning blocks and representative regulations. In addition, workflow reduces lead times and manual processing to a minimum.

You can also optimize scheduling and tasks for people and groups. For example, it is possible to determine where colleagues are and what tasks they have. Thanks to the new found transparency, customer appointments, meetings, service assignments, etc. can be more easily coordinated.

If you are already planning to introduce a CRM system, you will find tips & tricks from 30 years of CRM practice in the e-book “In 15 steps toCRM“.

CRM in Sales

Qualify leads, clearly create sales opportunities and calculations, and send quotes directly to customers as PDFs.
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CRM in Marketing

Lead lists can be handed over to sales automatically, the time spent on selecting the target group by isolated applications or outdated marketing software is reduced, campaign processes and task processing are easier to plan and document, and responsibilities are clearly assigned.
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CRM for Service & IT

Complaint management or support via telephone, e-mail and Internet are efficiently organized with the Service module and response times are minimized.
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Notes Domino CRM can also be used on the go

Since employees in the field need up-to-date information and contact data everywhere in order to respond quickly to customer requests, the Notes Domino CRM solution from GEDYS IntraWare can also be used on a smartphone or tablet(mobile CRM app). The functions can be used both online and offline, as the required data synchronization takes place automatically or according to personal settings – without neglecting business-critical aspects such as security, ease of integration or costs.

Top features of the CRM app

  • 360° overview: electronic customer file
  • Create Accounts & Contacts
  • Online and offline (reading)
  • Create Phone Notes & Visit Reports
  • Perimeter search & route planning
  • Create opportunities
  • Create emails & store them in CRM
  • Search function
  • Quick Capture & Business Card Scanner
  • Inform function u. v. m.
Video: Mobile CRM-App
Video: Mobile CRM-App

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