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Successfully organize your event – a small checklist

With success a Organize event: Who has not been faced with this task? Successfully organizing and implementing an event is not an easy task. Many points must be taken into account. This checklist will help you with planning.

1. Where and when should the event take place?

One of the most important points is where the event should take place at all. This depends, of course, on what kind of event it is and who you want to address. For example, potential customers, colleagues, employees, business partners, etc.

Then, of course, spatial capacities are also important. To do this, you should think early on about how many participants are scheduled for the event. The dimensions are different. Whether it’s a small information event for existing customers or a “customer acquisition event” where as many potential buyers as possible should appear. The size of the event space is then also depended on this. Here you should first check your own spatial capacities or make rooms available before you decide to book external premises. These can be, for example, hotels, training centres or adult education centres.

2. Organize your event – with catering or without?

Of course, it is always more rewarding for the visitor of the event, if there is also something for the physical well-being. Whether it’s coffee and cake or inviting your visitors to a joint business breakfast: At an event that runs over a whole day, a meal is indispensable. It makes sense to collect and compare offers from different caterers. Also keep in mind that there may be vegetarians among the participants, for example.

3. must overnight accommodations for guests be planned?

Also an important point that must be taken into account when planning the event. So you can make sure that visitors from more distant places come to your event, which would otherwise have been cancelled. This is of course a matter of course for a multi-day event with arrival.

4. Organize the program for your event

The program of an event depends of course on the type of event. Who will take over the lectures? Own employees or well-known speakers? You should clarify these questions in good time. It is also important to send participants a programme overview in advance so that they can prepare for the agenda. You should also note that you create enough space for breaks (for eating, making contacts, etc.) so that, for example, an all-day event does not become an ordeal.

5. Advertising your event

How do you get the right attention to your event? Advertise in magazines that are relevant to your industry or send the invitation via mailing, for example. You should also sprinkle your event in various online media such as Facebook or other social media channels. Of course, you can also invite you to your event via more traditional channels, such as letters or postcards.

6. Cost of your event

An overview of finances is always important. Whether it’s the advertising for the event, the catering or the room costs of the event: a financial plan is important. Set a maximum budget and build your planning on it. If some points do not work with the fixed budget, it can still be adjusted afterwards. However, you always have the overview so that you do not have to pay any unexpected costs.

7. Clarify tasks and responsibilities

So that your event does not become a big Tohuwabohu and every employee knows what to do, it is important to draw up a project plan with appointments and responsibilities. Here, even the smallest activities can be recorded, distributed and described, so that a regulated process can be ensured.

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Blog article: Organize your event successfully - a small checklist
Blog article: Organize your event successfully – a small checklist