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Actis s.r.o.
Pod Viaduktem 647/51
155 00 Praha 13 (Czech Republic)
Tomas Holec
Tel. +42 (0) 737-929-767

Actis was founded in 2005 and provides its customers with software services, especially in the development of customized solutions.
The primary specialization provides a comprehensive service - a delivery platform to IBM Lotus Notes / Domino -based and other IBM software products. The goal of the software specialists is to contribute through their solutions to ensure the prosperity and development of their customers. The world is developing dynamically and Actis aims to provide its customers always the best solutions on the market.

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Acuity BV
Het Sterrenbeeld 17a
5215 MK 's-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands)
Aart Nijkamp
Tel. +31 (0) 73-6129700

Acuity is a middle size client centric ICT partner for smart software solutions in the field of people productivity, connectivity and collaboration. We use proven best of breed IBM software and IBM related technologies to create great working environments. Together with our clients we explore all kind of possibilities to increase productivity, stimulate collaboration and exchange information and ideas to increase turnover and to decrease operational costs. By doing so we are able to maintain longterm relationships with our clients. We do maintain very high quality standards and as a consequence we invest on a permanent base in the skills and knowlegde of the members of our specialised teams.

We have been a dedicated IT Factory business partner since the start of Acuity in 2001. It is fair to say that we are experts on Lotus Notes based standard solutions. By combining our long time experience with the knowledge and products of Gedys we are able to offer very attractive state of the art CRM and Helpdesk implementations.

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Ambos EDV-Beratung Wolfgang Pichler KG
Ringstraße 13
4600 Wels (Austria)
Wolfgang Pichler
Tel. +43 (0) 7242-294150-0

Since 1989 our team of experts is active in the Austrian market and also in other countries. Our core competencies lie in both, the hardware and software, as well as the associated services. As one of three IBM Premier Software partners in Austria, we cover from the locations Linz and Vienna the entire Austrian market from. Our team provides all-round service from design of an IT landscape over the installation of the hardware and software adaptations, custom developments up to a comprehensive support concept. In this sense, we see ourselves as an IT consulting firm. On our website we will inform you about our general services, products that we partly develope or distribute as a cooperation partner and solutions which are tailor-made for individual processes in companies. To show you that we know what we are talking about, we gladly present you our reference on request.

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Care Quality Services Gesellschaft für Qualitätssicherung mbH (CQS)
Römerstraße 1
Obernburg am Main (Germany)
Norbert Gödde
Tel. +49 (0) 6022-6218-0

Our services range from consulting to integration and operation of customized systems and user-friendly solutions for all departments of a company. With this strategic orientation and well-done projects we got a good reputation and have an excellent market position as a strategic consulting company. We help our customers by coaching measures to a achieve a high acceptance and thus achieve the desired business result. Our customers (excerpt): BASF AG, Basler Securitas Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft, CeramTec AG, Degussa AG, Dr. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG, Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822, Fröling heating and drinking water systems GmbH, Merck KG, aAUmicore AG & Co. KG, RWE NUKEM GmbH, RWE SCHOTT Solar GmbH, Smiths Heimann GmbH, VR-NetWorld GmbH and about 150 institutions of the savings bank organization

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Datentechnik Geist GmbH
Am Rabenbaum 40
35584 Wetzlar (Germany)
Gerhard Geist
Tel. +49 (0) 6441-93690

The 1991 by Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Geist founded IT is specialized in the planning and implementation of technical networks and is since 1994 Lotus Business Partner. In addition to standard Notes applications, they also have experience in designing, performing and maintaining individual solutions.Their trainings relate to network operating systems, operating systems, the client computer and the entire Notes environment with the individual applications.

Datentechnik Geist was the first who could offer, led by Hewlett Packard, the integration of digital transmitter in paperless data processing in the areas of archiving, e-mail under Lotus Notes, faxing and integration of documents in the office workflow as a complete solution. Another focus is the consulting and realization of safety-related hardware and software components in networks. Here they offer the commissioning and ongoing after-sales support.

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Donova AB
Västerlånggatan 20
50330 Borås (Sweden)
Peder Jernaeus
Tel. +46 (0) 33-4305400

Donova focuses on solutions for products and services for information management based on IBM Notes/ Domino.
With a framework of services and with their own as well as partner applications, Donova creates complete solutions for its customers around the daily work with marketing, sales and service support. Donova provides the know-how and bundled services for its customized IT support on the basis of Notes/ Domino and its additional products such as Sametime and QuickPlace.

Donova also provides software licenses from IBM, maintenance and service contracts as well as consulting, training and license management.

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Dr Notes Solutions
Level 9 488 Bourke Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000 (Australia)
Tel. +613-8531-2777

Dr Notes Solutions is an Australian based Premier Lotus Business Partner founded on the premise of assisting clients architect and implement innovative Lotus and Websphere technology solutions to leapfrog their competitors. Dr Notes Solutions team includes some of the most experienced Lotus Domino developers and administrators, Websphere consultants and trainers in the Australian IBM business community and offers services ranging from Lotus and Websphere Consultancy, CRM Deployments, Project Management, E-Commerce Project Development, Knowledge and Document Management System Development, IT Project Planning, Custom Built Applications and Turnkey implementations.

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Am Alten Schlachthof 4
36037 Fulda (Germany)
Roland Vollmer
Tel. +49 (0) 661-9650-0

ECOPLAN is a consulting company and IT solutions provider for sales management, based in Fulda. Starting with the target to "attract new customers and earn customers loyalty" they design efficient sales processes for their customers. On this basis ECOPLAN provides consulting know-how as well as CRM and web solutions. Together with customers, ECOPLAN consultants develop tailor-made concepts for their business success. Their business model is the basis of their consulting approach. After a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of your sales and service activities, they tell you what potential they see for your sales and your service and what processes are needed as part of the sales and service strategy for it. ECOPLAN defines results and provides IT solutions that enable a successful work.

With the expertise of 14 years of project experience, ECOPLAN reacts always individually to the needs of its customers. The measurable increase in the sales success of customers is the mission statement and the motivation for the employees of ECOPLAN. Their services ranges from the implementation of the respective base technology, consulting and customization of solutions to meet your needs, through to complete project management. Their competent project team advices you during the implementation phase as well as for the further expansion of sales management solutions.

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Esch und Pickel GmbH
Am Metternicher Bahnhof 10
56072 Koblenz (Germany)
Axel Pickel
Tel. +49 (0) 261-922870

To face the growing challenges in an ever-changing IT industry, is their goal for a long time already. This includes also anticipate developments to act market- and customer-oriented - in short, to become still better. Esch und Pickel is doing everything that these principles continue to govern their successful work in the field of IT solutions and will become an advantage. As early as 1987, when the company was founded in Koblenz, they gave their customers the promise to stand up for a competent and long-term cooperation. Since this time they offer IT solutions on the status of current, technological developments. Aware that only well-trained and motivated employees meet their high standards in the long term, they like to put their experience at the service of your choice.

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Group Consult GmbH
Schwalbenweg 4
88339 Bad Waldsee (Germany)
Tel. +49 (0) 7524-91559-0

The Company Group Consult offers products and services to improve efficiency and to increase the productivity of its customers.

They assists them in the implementation of a reliable and customer-focused IT and in the following areas: Antivirus, firewall and security, backup and ctorage, CRM, groupware and mobile computing, server-based computing, terminal server, thin clients and virtualization.

As a partner in all aspects of modern IT, Group Consult offers a sophisticated solution for every need.

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IBIS Gesellschaft für System- und Datentechnik mbH
Allersdorf 17
95463 Bindlach (Germany)
Dipl.-Ing. Karl Heinz Goller, Stefan Hübner
Tel. +49 (0) 9208-689-0

We create the perfect corporate structures - for your success tomorrow
Although the names for what we are doing sounds all highly technical, our value to your business is easy to describe. We IBIS are your competent and reliable partner for your IT projects, from consulting to planning, to implementation and to ongoing system administration.
Our services range from all matters relating to the issue of IT infrastructure with virtualization, user mobility, network and data security and cloud computing to applications such as document management and imaging workflow processes.
Therefore, we see ourselves as a premium partner with years of experience and world-class consulting expertise. Sake your success and the good feeling for you to trust in perfection.

Our value chain includes training and consulting on development and data management through to implementation and support.

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Netwerk GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 27
72336 Balingen (Germany)
Katharina Höckh
Tel. +49 (0) 74 33-26004-0

Network focuses on the business internet / intranet, project management and IBM Lotus. In addition, we implement solutions in the fields of Multimedia and E-business. Through a series of strategic competence partnerships, we can offer additional services: in the field of Micromarketing, modern information and security technologies or other external communication tasks. We are happy to advise you in the field of computer-controlled presentation techniques. The name says it all: NetWerk.

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Pitagora Informationsmanagement GmbH
Olympiastraße 17
6020 Innsbruck (Austria)
Robert Wittauer
Tel. +43 (0) 512-586765-0

Partnership is our strength - Pitagora is your partner when it comes to information and knowledge management. We equip you with the proper hardware and software, so you can concentrate on your business. With our strong partners, we can offer the best solutions at a reasonable price. See for yourself as you browse our site. You will see that we are the right partner for you.
Partnership is our strength - Pitagora is your partner when it comes to information and knowledge - going management. We equip you with the proper hardware and software, so you can concentrate on your business. With our strong partners, we can offer the best solutions at a reasonable price. Convince yourself and browse our site. You will see that we are the right partner for you.

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Schütze Software- & Systemberatung
Friedrich-Barnewitz-Strasse 3
18119 Rostock (Germany)
Volker Schütze
Tel. +49 (0) 381-51935-53

For ten years we offer products, services and add-ons to the IBM Lotus Notes and Domino environment and Web Content Management. Our many years of project experience with the introduction of standard products, the development of applications and interfaces, customized extensions and adaptations, training of administrators and end users as well as the administration of Domino environments are based on many years of exclusive preoccupation with Lotus Notes / Domino. We are certified by Lotus developers and administrators and work according audited Lotus Methods (AVM). We provide tailor-made and practical solutions based on the standard products GEDYS IntraWare Event, Office, Helpdesk and Sales.

We provide support with the analysis, design, project management and monitoring, implementation and training for almost all GEDYS IntraWare products. Whether you want to archive E-mails revision-proof, analyze and integrate data or you want to create reports - we are also experienced with NotesToPaper, Unified Messaging, archiving your e-mail correspondence. Benefit from our know-how and a holistic care. Pull the maximum benefit from our full service from consultancy and design to implementation and launch your tailored to your needs software projects.

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Magirusstraße 5
89129 Langenau (Germany)
Manuel Häge
Tel. +49 (0) 7345-9611-0

SOFT-CONSULT offers individual solutions for leading medium-sized companies in southern Germany and in neighboring countries. Since its founding in 1989 the company has experienced steady growth. 30 employees provide perfect advice, sophisticated solutions and extensive support in the areas of materials management, human resources, finance and accounting, and groupware on the i5 (formerly iSeries). Quality and proximity to customers are always the focus of our work. Our broad range of services is tailored to the respective tasks and company sizes. Through our experience in the iSeries (AS / 400) environment, we possess special qualifications in the integration of Lotus Domino into existing i5 (iSeries) system and application structures.

GEDYS IntraWare product core competencies: Sales, Marketing and Service.
CRM add-ons for GEDYS IntraWare (GI) Standard Software: File System integrator (integration of file system services in Lotus Notes and GI), Large File Handler (Concept of funding of "big" attachments in GI applications), Analysis Extension (Extension of sales analysis and - Planning in GI), Sales Connector for GEDYS IntraWare.

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Studio Nordstrønen AS
Strønevegen 403
5218 Nordstrøno (Norway)
Tom Nordstrønen
Tel. +47 (0) 5657-4800

Studio Nordstrønen provides services and solutions in the IBM software field; especially on IBM Notes Domino and IBM base, IBM Notes Traveler (mobile) and IBM SmartCloud for Social Business. The portfolio is complemented by solutions of a few but selected 3rd party vendors: GEDYS IntraWare (CRM), CrossWare (Mail Signature), panagenda (Marvel client instructions for easier management) and Team-Studio (Unplugged for offline access to IBM Notes data).

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VSB Solutions GmbH
Bamberger Str. 10
96215 Lichtenfels (Germany)
Andreas Schmidt
Tel. +49 (0) 9571-95010

VSB Solutions GmbH sells solutions to manage and improve your customer relationships (CRM) based on Lotus Notes Domino throughout Germany and Europe. The product line includes a full suite to maintain client relationships and includes powerful modules for sales, marketing and service. With these flexible modules, companies use professional software products, ranging from address maintenance, electronic customer file, process automation and campaign management, up to sales management with configurable sales methods and claims management and ITIL-Helpdesk. The solution portfolio is rounded off by an intuitive travel expenses management and applications to support quality management. Data integration becomes a simple task through the use of the product VSB Data Connector.

Also VSB Solutions offers as a complete provider middleware and security products and infrastructure solutions from selected manufacturers that complement its solution portfolio.

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WebGate Consulting AG
Riedstrasse 3
CH-8953 Dietikon (Switzerland)
Roman Weber
Tel. +41 (0) 44-7279393

The WebGate Consulting AG is one of the leading providers of IBM Lotus Notes / Domino-business software and services and is the market leader for standard CRM solution GEDYS IntraWare in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Its customers include large and medium sized companies, which can count on the expert advice and the time and within budget implementation of the WebGate Consulting AG. Consistent focus on quality, absolute honesty, first-class staff and the concentration on the core business are the key factors for the success of the WebGate Consulting.

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Wegener IT GmbH & Co. KG
Königswarterstr. 64
90762 Fürth (Germany)
Christof Wegener
Tel. +49 (0) 911-378653-151

The Wegener IT GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Fürth, is a medium-sized E-business company that consults market-oriented, develops with and for the customer service-oriented applications, and designes and realizes complex data landscapes.

The company is engaged in the fields of Internet / Intranet technology and the implementation of groupware and CRM projects.

Our goal is to provide information from different systems at medium-sized companies to run together and make it accessible. By using component technology, we are able to develop innovative solutions on a standardized basis, that use proven technology, are flexible extensible, scalable and secure.

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