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Climate protection: one of the most important tasks facing our society

We alone cannot stop climate change, but everyone can do a great deal to protect the climate in their own environment. Every kilowatt of electricity or heat that is saved or replaced by renewable energy helps. We as a company can and must also do a lot in the future.

A few years ago, we set a goal to reduce 30% of GEDYS IntraWare’s CO2 emissions.

In total, we have achieved a reduction of 52% since 2010.
This corresponds to a saving of approx. 40 tons of CO2 per year.

The greatest savings were achieved by investing in new server hardware and centralizing the servers at the Fulda site. Around 70 employees work here, programming our CRM software, among other things.

Climate protection in everyday life

But many small savings measures in everyday life have also contributed a great deal to reducing CO2:

  • Replacement of fluorescent tubes with LED lights
  • Installation of timers on instantaneous water heaters
  • Optimization of air conditioning systems in server rooms
  • Consciously switching lights on and off
  • Conscious use of heating and air conditioning
  • Proper ventilation in all office spaces
Climate protection in the everyday life of GEDYS IntraWare
How we as a company contribute to climate protection 2

Since people tend to forget a lot of things in everyday life, it’s always important to remind yourself daily what you can do, reminding each other also helps.

Joachim Weber,
Managing Director of GEDYS IntraWare GmbH

No one wants to go back to the stone age

No one wants to give up their wealth and lifestyle. We also do not believe that pure black-and-white thinking is appropriate here.

Climate protection must now be on the agenda

We believe that this movement and its events will help put the issue of climate protection at the top of the political agenda – on both a small and a large scale.

The Fridays for Future movement has managed to move people in recent months. The issue of climate change or climate protection has changed elections and politicians are surprised, because suddenly young people are making policy for their future.

Do the obvious: Lend a hand!

At GEDYS IntraWare, we are gradually converting all company cars to hybrid vehicles. In addition, we are planning investments in PV systems with storage and the installation of an electric charging station on the company premises in Fulda. In this way, the Fulda office will be supplied with solar power in the future.

Our group of companies includes a company that operates 5 large photovoltaic plants. In the group of companies, we already produce significantly more electricity from the sun than we consume, saving an additional 350 tons of CO2 every year.

Here more about us and our commitment.