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Novel sales function

Customer Journey Monitoring

With the latest software release GEDYS IntraWare 8.10, the Fulda-based company is releasing another highly innovative CRM function

Petersberg, 10.10.2019 – The monitoring sales function, which is completely new in its form, makes it possible to assess the current status of the customer relationship at a glance by means of graphically easy-to-understand analyses of all interactions. In this way, it supports the optimization of proactive customer communication and opportunity tracking from the point where sales usually lose track of data chaos.

Customer Journey: new CRM sales function GEDYS IntraWare
Customer Journey: new CRM sales function GEDYS IntraWare


The charting widget in the GEDYS IntraWare CRM software shows the rated customer interactions including opportunities and deals.

More details for CRM in sales can be found on our Youtube channel.

Anticipate and optimize customer interactions

A customer contacts a company on average six to eight times before purchasing a product through different touchpoints. In the case of products in need of explanation, it is also much more common. Over the years, many 100 or more 1,000 contact points with various employees or electronic media quickly develop for regular customers. Even the best sales person has a hard time keeping track of the situation, let alone the ability to assess importance and trend over the entire period.

short arrow in orange points down to the right
short arrow in orange points down to the right
Video: Customer Journey for Sales - Release 8.10 I GEDYS IntraWare CRM
Video: Customer Journey for Sales – Release 8.10 I GEDYS IntraWare CRM

Proactive customer communication then becomes a challenge.

This is where the innovative Customer Journey Monitoring is used: The customer interactions recorded in CRM over 360° are analyzed and graphically processed. Sales are thus immediately informed about the current status of the relationship.

Is customer loyalty lost? Are we losing the interested party? Is everything going well, or does it have to be done to avoid missing the opportunity? Detailed views can also be used to identify patterns and interactions in the contact history of the individual customer.

In this way, interactions can be anticipated, optimised and individually designed for each individual case.

Teamwork Sales and Development for New Sales

As a product of a collaboration of sales and development of GEDYS IntraWare, the new function meets the latest requirements of modern operating companies.

Customer Journey Monitoring

An overview widget shows directly on the dashboard of the CRM home page by means of a color scheme, which customers should be addressed. Directly in the company profile, the function provides detailed information about the relationship with the customer. The color scheme already known from the dashboard shows the current state with a glance, which is differentiated against specifically configured limits.

Customer Journey Chart GEDYS IntraWare
Customer Journey Chart GEDYS IntraWare

“Our many years of practical experience and lively innovative spirit have come together in this product. The enormous practical benefits and ease of use speak for themselves.”

Ralf Geishauser, one of the managing directors of GEDYS IntraWare GmbH.

A charting widget displays the evaluation of customer interactions over a timeline in the form of a curve.

The assessment of the individual activities is carried out via an individual points system, which is predetermined in an activity index – for example, an e-mail is evaluated with 3 points, a visit report with 4 points and so on. Both large and smaller periods can be considered in detail. In addition, opportunities and deals can also be displayed above the timeline as required.