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Support of a social institution in Fulda

The world has been going crazy for the last few months. New situations required new ways. In addition to everything new that we had to adapt to, there were also facilities during this time that continued to do a great job. This is also the case with the association Kinder- und Jugendhospiz Kleine Helden Osthessen e.V.

We are impressed by the versatile and strong work and would like to support the volunteers and the institution again. They take care of sick children and adolescents, their siblings and parents as well as all people who are in relationship with them. They are accompanied at home, in a familiar environment or in hospitals by the qualified helpers.

3,000 € for children’s and youth hospice Kleine Helden Osthessen e.V.

Commitment GEDYS IntraWare: Children's and Youth Hospice "Little Heroes" Osthessen e. V.
Social commitment in the region 2

“Social commitment is currently more important than ever. We want to support the people who are unconditionally committed to others. Thank you very much for the great work!”

Joachim Weber, Managing Director of GEDYS IntraWare.

If you also want to support this great project and the good cause behind it, you can easily do so with an online donation: