Address Management
GEDYS IntraWare 8 Contacts

Top Features

  • Companies/ Contacts/ Units
  • Import and Export
  • Duplicate Check
  • Cleverreach E-Mail Marketing Interface
  • Configurable Fields
  • Own and automated Distribution Lists
  • E-Mail Integration with BusinessMail

Address database and more: contacts are your assets. With GEDYS IntraWare 8 Contacts you have your business contacts with you wherever you go. Consistent and up-to-date: customer, partner or supplier information – for all those who want to use their contacts. Also available on your Smartphone or Tablet.

Fast, faster, Contacts Address Database

It all starts with the address.
The goal: important addresses are quickly recorded in the system and you can work with them at anytime.
The solution: the convenient Contacts fast entry tool. It helps to record contacts, companies or private individuals in seconds.
And large amounts of data are quickly available via the powerful import feature.

Two is better – but not with the Address

Duplicates cost a whole lot of time. Better if they do not arise. The duplicate check in Contacts already prevents this when first creating the address.

An Address Database that understands your Needs

Flexibility and adaptability make Contacts a universal solution. Is something especially important to your industry or company? No problem. Configuration allows you to adapt keyword lists or individual fields to your needs.

Unique: the Info Miracle Business Mail...

This is only available with Contacts: new addresses are automatically created from the signature of an E-mail.
And if a sender of an E-mail already exists in your CRM, you will immediately see the latest related activities. With just one click the E-mail is documented in your CRM and linked to the contact.

Security by a granular Access Management Concept...

Many companies employ temporary workers, externals or work together with different locations. Contacts protects your data up to data record level with individual read and write permissions.

The central Address Database helps with...

  • Difficult matching on partial individual and locally stored address lists
  • Many duplicates by numerous databases
  • Incorrect or incomplete address data
  • Inconsistent address lists
  • Unregulated access to information
  • High cost for address matching and selection for form letters or label printing
  • Loss of time and high costs due to imprecise target group selection
  • Lack of care with distribution lists
  • Time-consuming address maintenance
  • No active duplicate check for address input
  • Laborious search for information related to a contact
  • No support for legally compliant communication with contacts