Claims and Customer Service
GEDYS IntraWare 8 Service

Top Features

  • Ticket Management
  • Dashboard with Analyses
  • Inventory & Contract Management
  • Helpdesk
  • Automated Workflows
  • Own Forms e.g. for 8D Report
  • Connection of Knowledge Database
  • Self-Service

Software for excellent customer service!
What do customers want? Someone who solves challenges for them and not only the day after tomorrow. Although there are reasons for a complaint, you show your customers that they are in good hands with you. GEDYS IntraWare 8 Service is the customer service software for complaint management, call center and any kind of services.

Leading Customer Service Software for excellent Service

With Service you easily  manage all kinds of questions, solutions and the associated correspondence, whether complaint, question or claim. This helps you to reach your aims: better results and excellent service for customers, partners or your own employees.

Service Cockpit – better Overview, better Service

The Service Cockpit for your service staff provides all the necessary information at a glance: e.g. new incoming E-mails, open tickets, associated contracts, inventory items or reusable solutions from the knowledge base.

What issues concern the Service Team? Which customers are on fire? How many open questions are there? What should be prioritized? This Customer Service Software provides all the important live metrics for your Service Management at a glance.

With the ITIL-compliant features you perform planned changes and with minimal risk (Change Management), solve problems more efficiently (Problem Management) and ensure compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Also included is: indispensable Web access for your customers. It enables customers to create service tickets and – if required – view possible solutions and information about the ticket status. By using self-service, your team saves time otherwise spent on recording and status information.

More and more companies recognize the benefits of mobile Customer Service. With GEDYS IntraWare Service you do service notifications including photographs whilst at the customer using tablets or smartphones. This saves time and ensures the quality of processing.

These challenges are resolved by the Customer Service Software...

      • No standardized process for Customer Service
      • Inadequate detection and tracing of inquiries, complaints or claims
      • No overview of the frequency of certain complaints
      • No overview of quantity and status of all requests
      • Lack of documentation of the results
      • Lack of documentation of correspondence with suppliers
      • Substitution difficult because of lack of information
      • Repeated occurrence of errors
      • Root cause analysis requires a disproportionate amount of time
      • No connection between the website and the Service Tool
      • Elaborate statistics creation and lack of effort logging
      • Automatic assignment of inquiries on the basis of employee skills is not possible
      • Lack of transparency for Sales and Marketing


Required Modules

Contacts – structured Address Management
Office – Electronic File for all Business Activities
Knowledge – Platform for Knowledge Management & Problem Solutions
Workflow – Steering of Business Processes