GEDYS IntraWare 8 Marketing

Top Features

  • Planning Campaigns
  • Address selection for Activities
  • Questionnaires & Checklists
  • Action Center for easy Operations
  • Analysis and Success Control

Marketingsoftware: creative minds inspire their customers in many different ways. The secret of their success: the right management of their campaigns from planning to performance measurement. Marketing is versatile: whether mailings, trade shows, road shows, competitions or telephone campaigns. Complex tasks need proper coordination.

In the heat of the moment, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of different activities. This clever marketing software helps in planning, execution, control, documentation and evaluation of your marketing campaigns.

A Marketingsoftware that creates Awareness

One third of the marketing budget is often invested in the wrong measures. Which ones? Most marketing executives unfortunately do not know the answer. GEDYS IntraWare 8 Marketing creates transparency here and makes success measurable. Stop throwing your budget out the window!

You want a simple and sporty collaboration between sales and marketing? How about deploying to your sales team the latest campaigns in an easily automated manner and they can start right away? It is working. Try it out!

A Marketingsoftware that attracts your Customers

Every Customer gets exactly what the need. That is the credo of each Marketer. With Marketing you attract exactly the right Customers at the right time.

The key to more Sales: Ambitious Mailings

With this Marketing Software, you get the professional Mailing module for sending mass E-mails for free.

E-Mail Marketingsoftware for professional Newsletters

Newsletter are a cost-effective way to reach your target audience.
GEDYS IntraWare CRM provides an interface for the E-mail Marketing Software CleverReach.
The perfect base to create and send newsletters easily to the desired target group, measure success and pass the results for further processing to your Sales Team. More information about E-mail Marketing

These Productivity Killers are removed by our Marketingsoftware...

  • to much time for the selection of target groups by isolated solutions or outdated marketing software
  • no documentation of the campaign process and task manipulation
  • lack of overview of leads and their results
  • missing automation of collaboration between sales and marketing
  • unnecessary loss of time due to unclear responsibilities
  • incomplete documentation of campaign investments and outcomes

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Required Modules

Contacts – structured Address Management
Office – Electronic File for all business-related activities


Additional Marketing Features:

E-Mail Marketing Software – Interface to Cleverreach