Project Management
GEDYS IntraWare Project

Top Features

  • Project Cockpit with Traffic Light Function
  • Progressive Cost and Deadline Monitoring
  • Integrated Mail and Calendar Function
  • Linking Tasks with Content & Operations
  • Integrated Meeting Scheduling & Logging
  • Access Control
  • Resource Import from external Sources

Projects mean working together on something big. The Project Management Software Project helps to stay up-to-date even in challenging phases: from A like Appointment to Z like Zero. Successful projects live on organization and communication – Project perfectly connects both.

The right Project Management Software makes the Difference

Most projects fail because of a lack of communication and wrong decision makings. And this despite of having the relevant committees and reporting. Why? The tools used are not systematic and transparent enough. Project is both – as well as simple and fast.

Each Challenge a Success

GEDYS Project is the industry-independent, powerful project management software for efficient planning, organization, implementation and monitoring of projects. The solution reliably supports team members in their own companies, suppliers and partners.

  • Realistic planning:
    The project cockpit provides project managers, line managers and portfolio holders a quick status overviews of current projects with integrated traffic light function and indicators for progress, schedule and cost control. In conjunction with the intuitive specific detailed navigation, it effectively supports in the weakness analysis of ongoing and planned projects.
  • The daily business views helps all team members with task-oriented editing of date items and to-do lists
  • The project management software facilitates the planning and conduct of meetings by automated invitations, report generation and dispatch
  • Tasks that can be associated with any projects, tasks or content, serve project-based issue management
  • The integrated mail and calendar functions include all project participants effortlessly in the flow of information
  • E-mails and documents directly related to the project and / or work package can easily be stored using drag-and-drop
  • The earned value analysis can either be derived from the time and cost information in feedback or from qualitative progress in status messages.
  • A hierarchical template system pictures methods and best practice procedures for project management and accelerates the project initiation significantly
  • A granular access control allows you to assign access rights to individuals, groups, roles and functions.
  • Resource information can be imported from external sources and are periodically updated
  • Numerous options in the integrated report generator make the evaluation of the project and resource data even more powerful

Available Extensions

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