GEDYS IntraWare 8 Sales

Top Features

  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Proposal Creation incl. Integration MS Office/ Open Office
  • Visit Reports
  • Routeing
  • Sales Analyses & Forecasts
  • Sales Targets

Sales Software for those who just want one: the successful close. Sales is a tough business. Not only the first impression, but every piece of information counts. The basics: be faster and better than the competition. Sales makes this possible. You’re ahead with customers from first contact to close.

Sales Software for better Lead Management

Time is money: professional lead management quickly reveals real potential and helps you to contact the customer at the right time, because the customer does not wait.

Closing Deals faster with modern Sales Software

With the customer file you have all customer information available anywhere and anytime. It helps you to understand what your customer really needs and to provide him with the right solutions at the right time. Simple or complex proposals are created faster than your competitors can call the prospect. With these opportunities you can track your sales projects to a successful completion.

This Software is revolutionizing Sales

How’s it going in any sales territory? What is the sales forecast?
What are the issues of concern to the sales team? Where are the problems? And what does the future bring? These questions are crucial to your business success. The integrated module Intelliprint provides you with the answers.

You need Sales if this sounds familiar:

      • Lack of overview of collected leads and responsibilities
      • No indication of the success of an event in relation to the collected contacts
      • Lengthy quotations and non-transparent documentation
      • Inconsistent offer templates
      • Tortuous offer tracking
      • Time consuming forecast creation and outdated key figures
      • Obsolete article data, product data and prices
      • Hair-raising appointment organization and inadequate task management
      • Incomplete or no visit reports
      • No structured sales process
      • Lack of information on the status of sales opportunities and agreements
      • No solid sales methodology

Required Modules:

Contacts – structured address management
Office – electronic file for all business-related processes