Dates & Tasks
GEDYS IntraWare 8 Schedule

Top Features

  • Central Appointment and Task Overview
  • Managing People and Resources
  • Group Calendar
  • Reminders
  • Team Planning

Coordination of appointments and task management may not be complicated. But when important decisions are pending, time is the most critical resource. Schedule helps with fast and transparent scheduling to get all team members around one table and tackle the tasks effectively.

Schedule Coordination makes Life easier

Schedule is your brilliant assistant for the coordination of appointments of people and groups. Central task management with task assignment and status overview make your life easier and cooperation more productive.

Schedule will answer every Question

What’s there to do in which project? How many appointments have been scheduled and with which customers? The assignment of tasks and appointments, contacts, projects and documents creates unique clarity in every case.

Productivity Killers of Schedule Coordination eliminated by Schedule:

  • Time-consuming scheduling via phone and E-mail
  • No qualified date information possible
  • Missing overviews on the availability of people, groups and resources
  • Complicated date change and shift
  • No overview of past events
  • Resources such as projectors, pool cars, rooms cannot simply be booked
  • No transparent task management across the entire CRM system