Travel Costs
GEDYS IntraWare Travel

Top Features

  • Application & Approval & Billing
  • Current Provisions of the German Travel & Entertainment Law
  • Automatic Accounting Records
  • Interface for Financial Accounting
  • Evaluations & Controlling

The Travel Costs Software Travel manages your travel expenses almost by itself. Travellers have a job and more important things on their mind than complicated billing. If it has to go fast: Travel gives you, accounting and management time for the more important things.

A Travel Costs Software for all cases

This clever Travel Costs Software helps you throughout the process of a business trip from the application and authorization, to accounting, to automatic posting of travel expenses in the financial accounting system. The module includes all current guidelines of travel and entertainment law* including automatic accounting records.

A Travel Costs Software that saves you money

Studies show that for every € 1,000 of actual travel costs, usually up to € 300 of additional internal process costs occur. Through the use of the Travel Expenses Software these costs can be reduced by up to 50%. The low acquisition and implementation costs of GEDYS IntraWare Travel also support you in the rapid realization of the return on investment (ROI).

*=The standard software contains all regulations for Germany. Use in other countries is also possible.

How Travel Costs Software helps:

  • No time-consuming incorporation and collection of data
  • Clear forms and fast, automated approval processes
  • No time delay due to lack of information for the next editor
  • No long waiting for approvals
  • Overview of the current billing status
  • All updates on legislative changes
  • Overview of corporate travel costs
  • No need to manually create the necessary accounting records
  • Direct interface to financial accounting
  • Manual assignment of the ledger, tax and accounting key
  • No more incorrect entries

Available Extensions