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Make your everyday work life productive on business trips:
With the CRM app goMobile Pro.

Mobile CRM solutions are now more important than ever for all business and communication processes. Field workers need data for their day-to-day work. You need to be able to provide information, read, edit, and create documents.

And actively work together as a team with office staff, marketing and service. Don’t put customers off for later. With our CRM app goMobile Pro, you can be meaningful anytime, anywhere. They save valuable time and are more productive than ever.

Top Features

CRM app: goMobile Pro

360° overview: electronic customer file

Caller identification (on iOS)

Online and offline (reading)

Create Accounts & Contacts

Home can be configured as desired

Create Phone Notes & Visit Reports

Create projects

Create service documents

CRM App - goMobile Pro

Calendar Editor

Orbit Search & Create Route Plan

Create opportunities

Create emails & store them in CRM

Search function for documents

Search function for addresses

Quick Capture & Business Card Scanner

Inform function


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What is the goMobile Pro CRM app capable of?

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Great is the power of habit. We want to find our way around new applications immediately without having to work through the manual first. Long inductions into new systems or applications are too time consuming, which is why our goMobile Pro CRM app offers an easy-to-usedesign. GoMobile Pro enables you to quickly and conveniently access your customer data on your mobile device.

Solve service requests efficiently

The ticket records, qualifies and resolves the concerns of your customers and users. Ticket management helps manage a variety of tickets, shortens processing time and produces better results. Create the ticket conveniently on the go with the goMobile Pro CRM app.

Individual home page

The start page can now be individually compiled and offers an optimal overview at first glance. The menu, the functions, the layout: everything is where you suspect it and does what you expect. This enables intuitiveoperation.

Online and offline up-to-date

The CRM app can be used both online (editing) and offline (read only, addresses only) without neglecting business-critical aspects such as security, integration friendliness and costs.

CRM customer file with 360° view

All information about your customers and processes is collected in the central customer file. To the company, the department and the contact you will find there all e-mails, appointments, telephone notes, visit reports, tasks, opportunities, offers, tickets, mailings, etc. And so that you don’t get in the dark, thanks to the customer’s history, you have a Overall overview of all activities for your customer and are perfectly prepared for the next conversation.

Have visits planned automatically

The goMobile Pro CRM app automatically generates a list of visit suggestions for you and the integrated route planning also determines the optimal visit order. An appointment is cancelled but you are already on your way? The perimeter search shows you which customers you can visit nearby. And you dictate the visit report on the way to your smartphone, so all important information is recorded.

Uniform appearance with templates

You can also use your created email templatesin the goMobile Pro app, which you have provided centrally in CRM for all employees. This allows you to achieve standardized customer communication and save a lot of time in correspondence every day.

With the quick search to the destination

The Quick Search lives up to its name: in seconds, the application searches the entire data set of the CRM and delivers the desired results.

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