CRM simplifies communication

Communication is the A & O in companies, as with Sprinz. Long channels of communication slow down work processes and provide avenues for problems. Joh.
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Paperless Customer Management and targeted Information

With Customer Management from GEDYS IntraWare Rottendorf Pharma received a clear contact management tool that completely replaced paper-based work.
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Effective Contact Management

L.STROERTMANN sought an IBM Notes based system for contact management that fully integrates into its existing IT landscape.
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Clear Sales Processes with GEDYS IntraWare CRM

Digades wanted to minimize the workload for its stuff. The existing solutions for sales and service were replaced by the modern GEDYS IntraWare CRM.
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Products Contacts; Office; Sales; Knowledge; Web; Portal; Pump; Workflow; Service

CRM: High Data Integration on a single Platform

ITConcepts Professional provides very specific services to its clients. Thanks to the introduction of GEDYS IntraWare CRM the efficiency of core processes could be increased.
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Products Contacts; Office; Portal; Workflow; Sales; Helpdesk

More efficient Document Management

SD Automotive creates transparency in customer operations and projects with the document management solution from GEDYS IntraWare.
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Products Contacts; Office; Sales; Mobile Online; Portal; Schedule; Web; Workflow; Call Control

Customer Care 3.0 for Sales

Rekers replaced a historically grown in-house development by the CRM system from GEDYS IntraWare and created a uniform global customer care platform.
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Products Contacts; Office; Portal; Schedule

Customer Management Solution for Banks

DZ Service sought a customer relationship management solution for banks. Particularly important criteria were: IT security and offline capability. GEDYS CRM fulfilled the strict requirements.
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Customer Relationship Management: Increased Productivity for Sales & Product Development

Meggle optimized several departments with CRM Software from GEDYS IntraWare:
a fully integrated solution for sales, marketing, product development and service.
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Products Contacts; Office; Sales; Portal; Web; Event; Knowledge; Schedule; Workflow

With the Order Database the Ordering Process is firmly under Control

IAV was looking for an order database for managing all order processes from order to delivery release seamlessly. GEDYS IntraWare provides such a multi-process solution.
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Sales Optimization: Competitive Factor

At LTS Licht und Leuchten, Sales work is project-oriented. This project based business requires accessible information and flexible work from any location any time. LTS
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Workflow Management for shorter Lead Times

For Litens Automotive, GEDYS IntraWare implemented a smooth Workflow Management for more than 1,400 invoices and credit notes per month.
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Products Contacts; Office; Sales; Schedule; Workflow

Professional Rights Management

For rights management IAV uses a GEDYS IntraWare software solution . A professional authorization and workflow management was created that ensures clear procedures and processes.
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Integration of CRM, SAP & E-Mail

The Overlack Group is engaged in chemical distribution of basic and specialty chemicals, and is an internationally operating family company with 245 employees with its
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