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Contacts; Office; Portal; Schedule; Pump

Effective Contact Management

L.STROERTMANN sought an IBM Notes based system for contact management that fully integrates into its existing IT landscape. The decision was made to go with GEDYS IntraWare CRM.


L. STROETMANN SAAT GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1791 and is now managed by the sixth generation of the family. The seed trade of grain, seeds and pet food extends nationwide. L. STROETMANN SAAT GmbH & Co. KG is based on dedicated, creative employees and reliable suppliers, which are crucial for customer trust.

Particular challenges for the new Contact Management

  • IBM Notes is the infrastructure already in use, therefore they were looking for an IBM Notes based CRM
  • The CRM system is easy and intuitive to use and at the same time highly functional
  • The need to control the sales and customer information easily and distribute it quickly
  • Individual data delivery for all field staff
  • The ERP system (individual development) should be connected with a standard CRM solution
  • The ability to run IBM Notes, ERP and CRM on a server had to be ensured


  • Introduction of the Contacts database for centralized storage and management of addresses
  • Introduction of GEDYS IntraWare modules Contacts, Office Portal, Pump and Schedule based on IBM Notes
  • Integrated mail merge feature in Contacts module
  • Interface to Enterprise Resource Planning

What L. Stroetmann thinks of the new Contact Management:

“Together with the GEDYS IntraWare team was the major challenge in the involvement of all employees in the forward-looking expansion of our IT environment. The change worked out well in the scheduled time. Our employees use the newly introduced CRM solution very intensely since the first day.”
Dr. David Schüppler, Managing Director L. Stroetmann Saat GmbH & Co KG