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Customer Relationship Management: Increased Productivity for Sales & Product Development

Meggle optimized several departments with Customer Relationship Management from GEDYS IntraWare:
a fully integrated solution for sales, marketing, product development and service.

The Customer

A group of companies, Meggle with headquarters in Bavarian Wasserburg employs around 1,700 people and generates annual sales of approximately 560 million Euros. It’s engaged in all sectors of milk and whey production: the companies in Germany and Eastern Europe produce dairy products for consumers and food producers and supply the pharmaceutical industry with products such as pharmaceutical lactose. In recent years, Meggle has tried to reduce operating costs and the administrative burden on staff through a move away from forms-based processes and an internal silos system with the move toward an integrated, automated IT infrastructure.

Particular Challenges for the new Customer Relationship Management

Strong forms-based processes and existing CRM databases hindered the business and marketing analysis. Through a more efficient collection, analysis and processing of the data, a positive effect on the development of new products and revenue streams would result.

The Result

Implementation of the IBM Notes based GEDYS IntraWare CRM solution using the IBM Premier Business Partner VSB Solutions GmbH. The solution includes a complaints management system from IBM Premier Business Partner GEDYS IntraWare.

The Benefits of the new Customer Relationship Management

  • Due to more efficient internal information flow, Meggle can respond more quickly to customer inquiries
  • Improved reporting and analysis functions allow individual marketing for regular customers
  • Automation features save time
  • The catchy user interface requires little training
  • The flexible environment can easily be adapted by the staff for internal need which saves money on professional services

Case Study

“The launch of this strategy was three years ago when it became clear that we needed a better complaints management system,” explains Christoph Adler, CRM Project Manager at Meggle. “Until then we had used GroupWise as a communication platform, but then decided to switch to IBM Notes, primarily because it allowed us to use the IBM Notes-based quality management system Xeri of Plato AG (distributed by GEDYS INtraWare).” The quality management solution offered Meggle many advantages, especially for complaints management. However, the cooperation between departments was still too complicated. Without an efficient way to analyze customer data it was difficult to develop new products or marketing campaigns for the various markets Meggle operated in.

What Meggle thinks of the new Customer Relationship Management:

“IBM Notes is much more than a simple communication platform – it is the heart of our IT infrastructure that drives both our quality management and the CRM function,” says Christoph Adler.

“The flexibility of Notes, the expertise of IBM Premier Business Partner VSB Solutions GmbH and the solutions of GEDYS IntraWare bring together a powerful business engine that will help us reduce costs and increase our productivity.”
Christoph Adler, CRM Project Meggle

Meggle realized the potential that IBM Domino offered with its powerful collaboration and communications capabilities as a CRM platform.
“Another advantage of IBM Notes is its ease of use,” says Christoph Adler. “It was clear that a solution based on IBM Notes and Domino would hardly require training and could relatively easily be modified and adapted by our internal IT department, without demanding for services of an external provider.” The company turned with his request to the IBM Premier Business Partner VSB, in order to develop a system that met the business needs of Meggle. “VSB presented us the CRM application GEDYS IntraWare ago and conducted a workshop with us on the preparation of the rough design concept,” says Christoph Adler. “This preparatory phase convinced us that VSB and Meggle can work together productively and we were right.”

Design, development and implementation have been completely taken over by VSB while working together hand in hand with the company’s internal team to ensure that Meggle got the solution it needed. Following the implementation, VSB held several training courses for system administrators and end users and helped Meggle with the system support.

“VSB adapted the solution to our requirements and built our workflows and document templates. They also integrated the existing quality management software and an interface for our ERP systems in the backend, “adds Christoph Adler.” The result is a CRM platform that is perfectly tailored to our needs and processes, enabling us to respond more quickly and play a more active, purposeful role in the maintenance of our customer relationships.”

The solution of VSB and IBM brings all customer relationship data from Meggle together in a single environment and provides it to the entire enterprise. Delays in the provision of information because of forms-based processes or system silos are things of the past. Process automation reduces operating costs and saves staff annoying administrative tasks, leaving more time for important tasks.

GEDYS IntraWare provides to the Sales Managers all important customer information, thereby facilitating the management of a large number of customers. Business analysts and marketing managers benefit from powerful reporting tools with which processes, products and promotions can be designed that meet targeted customer needs.