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Professional Rights Management

For rights management IAV uses a GEDYS IntraWare software solution . A professional authorization and workflow management was created that ensures clear procedures and processes.

About the Customer

Renate Boberg, IT Manager at IAV in Berlin is clearly proud of what her team has created together with the Notes specialists GEDYS IntraWare, for all IAV sites: “We have with this solution not only optimized our streamlined operations, but also structured our processes much clearer. “

The Rights Management Solution of GEDYS IntraWare

Years ago, Renate Boberg had chosen GEDYSIntraWare in a competitive presentation. “We were looking for a partner who brings a great share of flexibility,” says Renate Boberg, “and is able to adapt its product lines to our individual needs.” In the IT specialist GEDYS IntraWare they found exactly what they were looking for. “From the beginning we have worked very closely”, she explained. “Corrections, individual adjustments or even one or some other system errors could always be solved quickly and easily.” Especially for IAV – a company that lives mainly from the project business – it needed a quick introduction of programs and IT solutions. “We can accept no restrictions in daily operations,” says Boberg. “They know that at GEDYS IntraWare and are accordingly adaptable.” Various CRM modules, such as HelpDesk, Schedule and the customer database is now in use at IAV.

Challenge: Fast Growth and System Diversity

The need to professionalize an existing small solution for managing access permissions has already grewn. Currently data is collected from multiple systems and flows together in the new user management tool: “IAV User Management” was created.

An individual Solution for an individual Rights Management

“Since our founding in 1983 we have grown very rapidly,” explains Renate Boberg. “Since then natural behaviors have crept in which did not allow proper management of access permissions anymore.” Any changes of IT user personnel, as well as participation in new projects – had to be implemented by the IT department. There was no procedure defined which documented these changes and their approval by the manager responsible. “An unsatisfactory situation that necessarily had to be cleaned up.” Even and especially in terms of customer base – which consists principally in competing automotive companies. Although there has – based on long-standing and excellent business – never been a doubt expressed about the internal security policy, “but,” says Boberg, “we wanted to meet this confidence by transparent structures and complete documentation.” For the IT Manager, there was no question that they would cooperate in this case with the GEDYS IntraWare team. “We can now rely on one another very well,” as she explains the close relationship with the service provider. “Individual solutions are no problem in this relationship of trust.”
And there should be an individual solution: starting, based on the fundamental idea that you define the access permissions and the employee management with all its peculiarities as a process, the team of IAV GmbH developed a user management and selected GEDYS IntraWare for professionalization of the workflow and the visual user interface (GUI).

Simplifying complex Processes with Worklow...

When beginning as a new employee or an existing employee changing location, team or department, human resources sets the process of user administration in motion. First Step in the workflow: the input of master data (name, employee number, cost center etc.), then this document is automatically filled with the basic data – the requirements of a standard profile. These include Novell for network access, Notes as mail environment, SAP for time recording, access authorization via a key card and key to the corresponding rooms that the new employee can enter and use. The CAx access, the telephone line and Internet access are not included in the default profile, and must be applied for separately.

After recording the master data, HR routes the document to the appropriate department head, who confirms, supplements or denies. Only after these permits – visible in the appropriate input box by respective hook – are granted, the new user is unlocked and can work. The completion of the operation is confirmed by an E-mail to the department head. Automatically the employee data is transferred to the IAV address in Lotus Notes and to the internal telephone database. Throughout the editing process you can see the current state of affairs in the database. “This will create a high level of transparency,” says Renate Boberg. “Who want to see on the screen any delay in the process.” Settings of employees, team or department changes, contract amendments, access permissions, project and group membership – all these administrative processes have been automated over the individual workflow solution with the necessary changes in access permissions.

The Secret of Success...

“The transition to the new solution was initially not easy for the staff,” says Boberg. “As with all the unknowns many were initially uncertain or hostile.” The IT department has launched the new tool not only via the intranet; poster campaigns inhouse and the personal information from the head of department gave it additional attention. Today the benefits of the automated process at IAV are estimated. The IT boss knows “It simplifies much.”Add to this the complete documentation, on who has received which permissions at what time.” This – since the company was founded – principle of the “Chinese Wall” is supported by a computerized system. “A good feeling,” says Renate Boberg, “which is also evident in our customers.”