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Integration of CRM, SAP & E-Mail

The Overlack Group is engaged in chemical distribution of basic and specialty chemicals, and is an internationally operating family company with 245 employees with its headquarters in Mönchengladbach. Overlack sells around 12,000 products in 17 countries. The Overlack group has used SAP ERP ECC 6.0 since 2012 with the modules SD / MM / PP / QM / EH & S / FI / CO.

Particular Challenges for the Integration of CRM, SAP and E-Mail

Particular challenges for the company are: working across multiple sites, among others, in Poland, France, Romania, and Greece; the large number of different products as well as the localization of data in different systems. Therefore, they looked for the integration of CRM, SAP and E-mail.

The Project

With the aim to simplify the personal organization of employees, Overlack decided to renew its historically grown, and no longer contemporary solutions, for managing customer and supplier addresses, and reporting.

The Goal was to implement different Requirements:

  • Many data items should be provided across locations, while others provided only for specific locations
  • Sales management should be optimized for each site, taking into account country-specific facts
  • Likewise, the management should get, at a higher level, a quick overview of business-relevant KPIs
  • In order to facilitate cooperation and to create transparency, the documentation of all communication with customers and suppliers should be ensured in a central application: E-mails, phone notes, visit reports, meeting minutes and all correspondence should be easily and quickly recorded
  • Complaint management should be integrated directly into the application to create a link between Sales and Service
  • The data should be available both online and offline
  • The integration of CRM and SAP systems should be implemented to avoid duplicate data maintenance e.g. starting with company addresses, and to get both systems in a unified state

The Solution:

Overlack chose the CRM system from GEDYS because it covered all the essential requirements in the standard product. IBM Notes as Groupware platform and GEDYS implemented CRM were used for 200 users in English, German and Polish.
Since the implementation, all employees have got centralized access to the customer and supplier records as well as reporting required for their work. This CRM provides individualized forms for the acquisition of company-specific reports.
The access rights are regulated by granular roles and permissions concept as well as multiple databases for addresses and documents.

What Overlack thinks of the Integration of CRM, SAP and E-mail:

“Many people are unaware of how much time is actually spent to find the right SAP transactions and until you have reached the desired record. Especially in Sales, many requests for orders and offers arrive daily, that need to be handled. Our colleagues will save 80% of the time previously required for processing and feedback to the customer. Often much time is spent searching for optimization ideas. But we were very surprised that such a small tool brings such effects so quickly. We will use BusinessMail4SAP® also in other areas of the company,” says Thomas Janssen, IT Manager at Overlack.

Focus: Integration of CRM, E-mail and SAP...

E-Mail centered work facilitates the individual organization of the employees and the collaboration: both incoming and outgoing E-mails are automatically assigned to the respective customer and documented in the CRM system. When a new E-mail arrives, the system immediately displays the corresponding customer files and the last transactions.

Appointments and tasks from the mail database are allocated directly to the addresses in the CRM system by the automatic synchronization. This creates new transparency: so are displayed in the customer record the history of all events and the current status of the task.

The connection between SAP and the CRM system was implemented with GEDYS Pump, with the aim of avoiding redundant data maintenance. SAP is the leading system. Via interfaces master data and partner roles of SAP are transferred to the CRM system so that all users have access to up-tp-date data in the CRM system at any time.

How the Integration of CRM, E-mail and SAP works...

Recent task was to create a direct link between the SAP and the E-mail client in addition to the connection of the CRM and the SAP system: Nowadays at Overlack the communication, as with all other companies, happens mostly via E-mail. An essential part of the daily work of the Sales staff is to to handle requests for orders or offers, which arrive by E-mail. Therefore, they access the corresponding SAP transactions. So far, there was no solution to remove the separation between SAP and E-mail system and get direct access from the mailbox to the relevant SAP data.

GEDYS IntraWare developed with BusinessMail4SAP® this innovative solution. BusinessMail4SAP® is installed as an add-in the mailbox of the user. When an E-mail arrives, the recipient can immediately access master and transaction data such as orders or offers, and jump with one click to the appropriate SAP transaction. Advantage: it saves on every request up to five steps. When each of the 200 employees handles about 10 requests per day, that means a huge time saver.

IT and Sales of Overlack were immediately convinced: BusinessMail4SAP® is characterized by the ease of implementation, as well as the user-friendly representation of the surface and the quick jump into SAP, where all relevant data are available. BusinessMail4SAP® was installed for 200 users within a very short time. The time saving is immense.

BusinessMail4SAP® is available for MS Outlook and IBM Notes. It provides access to all SAP transactions such as addresses, orders, purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices, communication data, statements or returns.