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BauMineral with its distribution model stands for sustainability in the building materials industry. Find out how GEDYS IntraWare CRM in sales supports BauMineral, provides necessary transparency in the company and ensures more satisfied customers.
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Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in our time. As a certified waste disposal company, BauMineral uses and markets the by-products from power plants as high-quality refined mineral building materials – such as coal fly ash and limestone.

The use of these “building value materials” conserve natural resources and relieves the environment. In order to further expand and improve their range of use and applications, new processes are also being tested in their own building materials laboratory.

The company’s activities include the German, European and non-European markets.







Exclusive workflow for better customer loyalty

BauMineral takes over all by-products from power plant operators for safe, economical recycling. Dry building materials and fine fillers are used either as mass building materials (e.g. in road construction), as binders for concrete goods or as special building materials for industrial and civil engineering. The company formulates and mixes these substances according to certain quality specifications or according to the recipes of its customers. Samples are prepared in advance and sent to customers or potential clients for testing.

The starting position at BauMineral

In the past, employees worked with their own contact details, emails and Word documents – without a central storage. Order and invoice creation were carried out via SAP.

In order to ensure that, all employees in sales, laboratory and shipping work with uniform contact details, customers and delivery points and that they know the different requirements, delivery and payment conditions for quotations or samples, BauMineral has introduced the GEDYS IntraWare CRM software.

New process for sending samples

To ensure a uniform view of the customers, the first step was to transfer the company data from SAP to the CRM system and to add the contacts from the employees’ address books. In addition, a special form with automatic workflow for sending samples was created for sales.

The new process requires Sales to fill out a form with the product specifications for customers who request a sample. This form is automatically sent to the laboratory, which compiles the mixture and sends it to shipping. After shipping, the form is sent back to Sales and Distribution via workflow, which then follows up with the customer in due course.

Throughout the entire process, the employees involved now have access to all the information they need about the customer in order to be able to perform their tasks optimally. This is an important prerequisite for more customer satisfaction and thus for higher customer loyalty and more turnover!

New process in sales:

Customer requests sample from sales department

Sales fills new form with desired product specifications

Form goes automatically to the laboratory, sample is created

Sample is shipped to customer

Form automatically returns to sales after shipment

Sales inquires, provides for more satisfied customers

Structured address management is the basis for successful CRM. Find out more in our video!

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