Progress on the current band

The Group modernized its sales and service processes worldwide with the CRM of GEDYS IntraWare.
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The Berndorf Band Group, as an internationally active group of companies and as the market leader in the production of endless steel strips and steel-strip-supported process systems, is dependent on modern and efficient processes throughout the company – also in the administration of of their customer data. Because the old CRM system at the main location in Austria was no longer sufficient and a cross-group solution was sought, Berndorf Band turned to GEDYS IntraWare to integrate an optimal and individual CRM solution.






“GEDYS IntraWare is a competent and solution-oriented partner for us. We can only benefit from their extensive experience in project management and a sense of future trends.”

Sabine Hermann, Berndorf Band Group, Marketing Analyst and CRM Project Manager

Global work as a goal

The existing in-house programmed CRM solution lacked many functions, which are now considered the standard in the CRM sector. Adjustments would only have had to be implemented with a great deal of effort. Thus, modern, comprehensive support for the Berndorf Group by the company IT was no longer available. In addition, the integration of subsidiaries and partners into the existing system was problematic, which was no longer sustainable in view of the Group’s long-term corporate objectives.

With the help of a consulting firm, the Berndorf Band Group was therefore looking for a new CRM solution that should be up-to-date, extensively customizable and can be used worldwide. The decision was made on the cost-effective CRM system of GEDYS IntraWare. The decisive factor in the decision for the new system was, among other things, the user-friendly interface. Many employees at Berndorf have been deterred from working with the existing CRM because the program could not be used intuitively and because an e-mail integration and interface to SAP was missing, with SAP in Berndorf for years the leading system Was.

With vision into the future

The long-term goal at Berndorf Band is to centrally document and view the entire group’s data. This promises enormous advantages – on the one hand with regard to the globalized economy and on the other hand for the approximation of processes in the various subsidiaries. All data can be found more easily and quickly thanks to the central and targeted storage, which supports both the loyal cooperation and the communication with the customers.

Overall, Berndorf Band is very satisfied with the new CRM system from GEDYS IntraWare. User acceptance has increased significantly with the modern user interface and practical email integration, which is shown by the higher number of entries. Data is easier to store and track, more data is collected and the integration of business intelligence promises even more insightful evaluations in the future. This means that nothing stands in the way of endless customer relationships.