Field service becomes more transparent with CRM

At the same time, the technical adaptation to the SAKRET system is carried out for more effective cooperation.
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For decades Diessner GmbH & Co KG Berlin has had a recognized high competence in the field of dispersion paints, mixed products, decorative plasters and fillers, decorative wall design systems, primers and composite systems for thermal insulation. Mineral products have added additional applications to the range of professional products. Diessner decided to introduce the sales tool GEDYS IntraWare 8 with CRM specialist VSB Solutions GmbH – to improve transparency in sales and cooperation with the parent company.


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The special challenge for the new sales tool:

the introduction of mobile devices for the field service, which also needs up-to-date information and contact data on the go.
The central task at Diessner was to increase transparency in field service control with a new sales tool and to technically adapt it to the system of the parent company SAKRET in order to make the cooperation even more effective.

A major step was the introduction of mobile devices for the field service, which also needs up-to-date information and contact data on the go. This includes reading, editing and creating documents in order to make everyday work productive even during your business trip. In order to remain competitive, this is essential.

The solution: VSB implements the sales tool GEDYS IntraWare 8

Our web CRM for working in the office, for the mobile version goMobile on the goMobile
Thanks to the flexible architecture of the mobile CRM version, any Notes application can be connected with little integration effort. In the office area, the web version is used, in the field service the goMobile is used. For the field service, the mobile sales tool offers different advantages, especially completely new flexibility. For example, it is possible to optimize scheduling and coordination and to provide the sales representative with access to all customer information at all times. In addition to comprehensive advice and presentation of new products, he has the option of aligning prices or negotiating new terms. The sales tool provides him with effective sales support.

In addition, the sales representative has the opportunity to view the evaluation of the sales opportunities of the individual customer directly on site. It can therefore read exactly how the customer’s requirements and orders have developed so far and make a correspondingly adapted offer.

The result: the optimal cooperation

between field and internal service through the new sales tool
User access control enables a targeted supply of the relevant information. In this way, the individual employee only accesses the data that is important for his or her work with the respective customer. After an appointment, the sales representative can quickly and easily create their visit report and enter the current results of the sales call into the sales tool. The data is then immediately available for the in-home service, which enables very effective work.

With the introduction of the sales tool by VSB, Diessner has achieved significant benefits for sales and targeted customer processing. In the next steps, additional features will be implemented in the sales tool.