Efficient sales support

It is important for the management and employees of Ebert+Jacobi to enter into a real dialogue with customers and business partners on an equal footing.
Kundenrefrenz Ebert und Jacobi, Medikamenten-Packung auf Transportband

In order to optimize this dialogue, the choice was made with the innovative ideas of vsB and the CRM system of Gedys Intraware. Ebert+Jacobi has been supplying pharmacies in southern Germany for more than 125 years. Since its foundation in 1884, the family business has always remained independent and feels committed to the owner-managed Official Pharmacy. The pharmaceutical market is complex and challenging.


Pharmaceutical wholesale




Mr. Hombach from Ebert+Jacobi was very positive about the professional integration of VSB’s innovative solutions and was pleased with the positive response for the CRM system among the employees. It is possible to further expand the system, as new impulses of the employees keep coming.


by Ebert+Jacobi

  • Access to customer data on the go
  • Switch to paperless management of customer information
  • Manage sales and revenue targets transparently
  • Easily make condition changes
  • Improve reporting and analysis

Improve sales with CRM

The GEDYS IntraWare CRM system offers an enormous advantage especially for the field service, because it requires up-to-date information and contact data everywhere. The new CRM enables a faster response to customer requests. With the iPad, the working day can also be made productive on the go. The field service no longer needs to collect and manage paper data after each customer visit, and can now access customer data much faster and more effectively – CRM provides efficient sales support at all times. For example, the new system can now manage sales and revenue targets and visit reports, leaving more time for other important tasks.

Furthermore, the field service can initiate changes via the internal workflow, e.g. for the conditions or product ranges of customers or pharmacies. This ensures an efficient internal flow of information at all times. The workflow also makes it easier to manage and edit the new customer checklist.

Since evaluation options are now available around the clock, such as: e.g. for sales, sales targets or visit reports, the management benefits through self-sufficient use of the CRM system.