Digitization with GEDYS IntraWare Workflow.

Consistent workflows for the entire company with the GEDYS IntraWare CRM system.
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The approval of applications in the company has so far been realized via Excel forms, which were sent by house mail and fax to the relevant approval authorities. With this rather outdated method, it was not possible to follow the respective applications, and so they were even lost in some cases. In addition, it was not possible to understand the state of the calculations and who last changed or processed them – information that is decisive for a smooth and timely process. That is why Kienle + Spiess decided to introduce a CRM system so that processes and applications are transparent and accessible to all parties involved.


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Well organized - Transparency for processes at Kienle & Spiess

by establishing the GEDYS IntraWare workflow solution.
With the establishment of the GEDYS IntraWare Workflow solution, these processes became transparent and the status of the applications, as well as the person who is currently processing them, are now visible at all times.

Excel forms were integrated. Changes to these forms are automatically logged within requests. The complex approval structure of the applications is controlled via the GEDYS IntraWare workflow.

Applications shall specify which posts must be completed, depending on the type of application. Therefore, the persons responsible in the organization database are stored in job profiles such as “Approver Controlling”, “Management”, etc. to ensure a simple assignment of applications.

Administrative users also have the option of manually intervening in the workflow if both the respective responsible persons and any representatives are not reachable and the application would therefore remain in one place for too long.

With the individual solution we created, Kienle + Spiess was able to significantly optimize and digitize the complex approval control of the various investment applications. This new workflow guarantees a uniform approach – in Germany as well as in Hungary and the UK.

The foundation of Kienle + Spiess GmbH

Founded in 1935.
Since its foundation in 1935 in Sachsenheim, Kienle + Spiess GmbH has developed into a group of companies with international success. The 1,121 employees (2015), who work at four European locations(Sachsenheim DE, Vaihingen/Enz DE, Tokod H and Bilston UK), together with sales offices around the globe and various sales representatives, have an annual turnover of EUR 173 million (2015). Excellent for innovations, a zero-defect corporate philosophy and highly flexible supply, Kienle + Spiess realizes clear competitive advantages for its customers.

The production of Kienle + Spiess GmbH

Production of highly efficient electric motors and generators.
Kienle + Spiess is the partner for the production of highly efficient electric motors and generators and offers a variety of products and services that run through all production processes: from the splitting of the electric steel and the punching of the stator and rotor plates to the Casting of the rotors, from the tool construction to the gluing of magnets in rotor pockets or even the pressing of shafts.