Workflows for shorter turnaround times

The workflow management of GEDYS IntraWare creates a smooth process for more than 1400 invoices and credits per month.
Kundenreferenz Litens, Getriebe

Litens Automotive Group is a full-service provider and manufacturer of technical power transmission systems and components. As an established global market leader with over 25 years of experience, Litens has extensive experience in providing innovative, technical solutions for automotive power transmission. The company has locations in France, UK, Canada, China, Brazil. The up-and-coming company was looking for a solution for optimizing the processes surrounding the processing of invoices and credit memos. The aim was to solve numerous challenges in workflow management.


Automotive Industry




“With the introduction of the workflow management solution from GEDYS IntraWare, the processes could be optimized measurably and sustainably.”

Markus Heinl, IT Department, Litens Automotive GmbH, Gelnhausen

New workflow management at Litens

Condition before the tool is introduced

  • 1400 – 1600 incoming invoices and credits per month
  • Different donors per department and supplier
  • Long turnaround times from receipt to approval of invoices
  • Delays in the absence of release persons
  • A continuous process from the preparation of an invoice to the archiving is missing
  • No transparency as to which bill is left where, why or for how long

Improvements after introduction

  • Connection to easyScan thus significantly simplifies the recording of invoices
  • Partial automatic allocation of the frankers based on corresponding master data of the ERP system
  • Reduction of lead time by up to 30 (depending on department)
  • Provision of the release log and key data for later archiving of the invoice
  • Transparency significantly increased in the approval process