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Customer reference: PÖSCHL TABAK

In the graphics department of a large company, it can get stressful and confusing when one job after another comes in. In particular, this applies in a business area in which there are regular legal changes – as in the tobacco industry.


Tobacco industry




“Working with the new tool from GEDYS IntraWare makes everyday life much easier for us. Finally no more paper economy!”

Ms. Hoffmann, PÖSCHL TABAK GmbH & Co. KG, graphic designer

More time savings and satisfaction at PÖSCHL TABAK

through new GEDYS IntraWare workflows
The management of orders now takes much less time on both the order and graphic chart sides. The release process has been greatly simplified and orders can be more easily tracked or canceled if necessary. The graphic designers quickly view the order situation and know at any time who is processing what and what status the order has. Automated hour recording was eventually able to replace a retired half-time worker.
PÖSCHL TABAK is the world’s largest producer of snuff and the leading German, independent manufacturer of tobacco products. The company exports its products to 100 countries worldwide. For five of the approximately 850 employees, the graphics department based in Germany, this means around 450 different packaging stake per year.
In addition, new tobacco bags and cans as well as advertising materials such as films, flyers, posters, displays, etc. are designed there. The department now handled about 1,000 orders a year. In addition, there are corrections and repeated releases.