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Why we recommend signing up for CRM consulting with one of our experts:

We support you with this from the very beginning. We advise you on your individual CRM projects and answer your very personal questions. This allows us to convey how we work and what we mean by excellent service.

For example, we can answer your questions about

  • your specific CRM project
  • support with your daily tasks
  • special requirements of your industry
  • the CRM implementation in your company
  • our software modules
  • Your individual customization wishes
  • to required interfaces & integrations

Note: Registration for CRM consulting is non-binding and does not commit you to a purchase of the CRM software.

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Please fill in the form & send it. You will then receive an email with a link to confirm your registration. We need the personal data you provide for the appointment coordination. This will be done immediately after the link confirmation by our sales department.


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Guarantee logo: GEDYS IntraWare data protection according to GDPR, long version
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HCL Business Partner Logo from GEDYS IntraWare

Our experts work for you
regionally at 4 locations in Germany


Man years rich in experience


active customers in the German-speaking region

ca. 25.000

User, 98% with maintenance & support

ca. 80

Dedicated employees at
4 locations


Awards for
our creativity

Good reasons for working with us

Quick idea implementation

We have the skills and technology to turn our customers’ ideas into a software solution faster than anyone else. We not only claim this, we can also prove it, for example here.

CRM projects with support

The fact that we accompany CRM projects from start to finish and that we really put our customers and their wishes at the center of our attention is always a source of enthusiasm. Because that is what we live for.

Consultation at eye level

With over 30 years of CRM experience, we offer competent consulting and support at eye level. As a medium-sized company, we see ourselves as a competent partner for all industries.

Software Made in Germany

About 80 employees working for you from 4 locations in Germany: Software Made in Germany, 100% DSGVO compliant, including secure managed hosting in Germany in our Cloud CRM solution.

Excellent solutions

Our CRM software has already received 10 awards. Among them the Global Excellence Award 2021 and the Initiative Mittelstand Best of 2017 Finalist CRM award for our cloud CRM solution including hosting.

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