Sales software

Sales software is an instrument for optimizing sales processes.

Sales involves a wide range of tasks, such as processing customer enquiries, acquiring new customers or preparing quotations. In order for the sales department to be able to concentrate on its core task – selling – it needs a solid database and software that supports it in its daily work: the sales software.

How can sales software be classified?

It is a database application specifically tailored to customer relationship management, enabling automated recording of all master data and operations. Sometimes it is also equated with CRM software (What is a CRM?).

What does good sales software do?

    • Planning of visit dates
    • Preparation of visit reports
    • Creation and documentation of customer correspondence (e.g. emails, letters, telephone calls)
    • Qualification of interested parties
    • Creation of offers
    • Tracking potential orders (opportunities)
    • Sales control and sales controlling
    • Mobile access to key sales information
    • And much more>>

Your core task is to manage the addresses (contact details) of customers and prospects.

Based on this structured address management, it should support all typical sales tasks.

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What are the forms of deployment?

On the one hand, there is the classic model: the purchase of licenses. In this case, the project is scheduled to make a one-time investment to purchase the software. However, the variant software to use is becoming more and more popular. This is because the cloud model includes a monthly rental amount in addition to the licenses for the software, but also the operation on a suitable IT infrastructure (the so-called hosting). In addition, larger companies also have the option of combining both forms of operation (hybrid model).

Sales software as a CRM cloud solution

Our cloud CRM software provides sales with all core functionalities for professional customer management. Despite the standardization, this sales software is easily customizable and adaptable to specific requirements.

The CRM2Host customer file contains all information about the customer situation, opportunities, correspondence, tasks, appointments and projects. This central information base gives sales access to all important data for querying the current state of sales processes in seconds.

Benefits of a CRM Cloud Solution

Various tools for automating operations save all users a lot of time every day. For example, the automatically generated visit proposal list and integrated route planning. With the “Visit Report” function, your sales department immediately records the result of its customer appointment with just a few clicks and with the integrated CRM workflow, new tasks can be delegated directly to the team. The opportunity helps sales to control and track potential orders. And with Lead Management, qualified leads can be converted to customer addresses with one click.

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With the sales software, the internal service has an overview of all processes for your customers via the 360° view and can optimally work together with the field service. Thanks to the CTI interface, you can run phone campaigns quickly and efficiently. With one click, you dial the phone number of the contact in the CRM and repeat the call just as quickly when it was busy.

Sales software from GEDYS IntraWare

GEDYS IntraWare offers a universally applicable, web-based sales software that does not need to be installed on the end device. This can be hosted in your own company or obtained as a cloud solution.

In addition, GEDYS IntraWare offers special software for integration with Lotus Notes and Outlook, as well as a mobile version for smartphones and tablets that can be combined with the aforementioned solutions. These sales solutions can be used flexibly in all industries and companies of different sizes.

Benefits of CRM software

Sales software also mobile on the go

Your sales team can act immediately if needed, thanks to mobile access for smartphones and tablets. Through mobile CRM access, sales representatives have an overview of all customer data, tasks, appointments, potential orders, up-to-date emails and customer correspondence and can act on the go.

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