Integrating SAP

Integrating SAP – Putting System Landscape to the Test

Integrating SAP is a key issue in many companies.
An isolated system can be sufficient for certain purposes. But if complex processes come into play, they reach mostly beyond the boundaries of anyone system. Then it is necessary to consider what data is needed in each of these systems in order to generate the maximum benefit.

Integrating SAP – Needs Assessment

In this context, it is necessary not only to connect the systems, but to consider what data is needed for which business processes and in which systems. Also here it is important ro know how often this requirement happens, if the data is needed in real time and what special features need to be taken into account.

Our consultants have been operating integration of SAP for years and can contribute their experience from many past projects and thereby effectively assist you with any questions on this topic.

Integrating SAP and non-SAP

Integrating SAP and non-SAP systems provides, especially with complex business processes, immediate value e.g. in terms of process maturity, transparency and process costs. With integration solutions such as SAP PI / PO, GEDYS Pump or IBM LEI we can offer a variety of solutions and approaches to effectively and successfully integrate processes and to connect systems.

With SAP NetWeaver PO there is e.g. a tool which provides you with the ability to automate processes whilst integrating the interaction of users through its own user interface. And this occurs across system boundaries and across different user interfaces such as browser, tablet or mobile phone.

Integrating SAP and IBM Notes

You wonder how you can usefully connect your groupware with SAP?
We provide you with the answer. And we will help you to understand terms such as LEI, LSX, JCO, REST, Gateway, and Web services. We’ll show you how to get value through the integration of your system landscape, optimize processes and thereby reduce costs. We are the specialists in this field and have successfully demonstrated this in many projects for many customers.

Are you planning to integrate SAP?

We help you integrating SAP – not only in the process and data analysis by Swim Lane – but also in the implementation and go-live.