Integration IBM Notes & SAP

Integration of IBM Notes & SAP

You count on SAP and on IBM Notes Domino in your company and want to complement both systems. For this you need some SAP data in your Notes applications as QM, CRM, supply database etc. – without redundant data and manual data maintenance. Since 1998, we have managed projects with IBM Notes and SAP Integration.

IBM Notes Domino and SAP Integration:

There are many ways to connect your SAP system with IBM Notes, for example:

  • Bi-directional matching of companies and contracts between CRM and six SAP instances with SAP Java Connector (SAP JCo)
  • Integration of IBM Notes, CRM and SAP through Lotus Enterprise Integrator connectors (LEI)
  • Complete Integration of SAP with SAP Process Integrator (SAP PI) for order entry via CRM and delivery check through SAP PI
  • Pricing in CRM with a direct connection to SAP via Web Services

Whether it is the use of LEI, Web Services, SAP PI, SAP JCo in pricing, order entry, delivery and contact clean up – no request is alien to us.

We connect IBM Notes & SAP

In order to work optimally with IBM Notes and SAP applications, we provide you with a broad range of solutions.

Depending on the application and your requirements, we will gladly advise you regarding the proper path. We help to make your project successful.