SAP Project Management

Success with SAP Project Management:
All work for a goal!

Each project has its ups and downs. Setbacks are inevitable. However, one must not forget: we have a goal! And this goal must never be lost sight of. Indeed, contrary to the famous motto, “it is not the goal but the way that matters”, it is rather the achievement of the project objective.

Therefore, the project has to be refocused on a regular basis. Because there is otherwise a risk of getting wrapped up in the daily project work and attention diverted down side avenues. And even with this focus, it is important that project staff “are picked up” and possibly project organization and the distribution of tasks are again optimized. It is also essential to clarify all the responsibilities and roles, because whilst everyone has his or her role – all have one goal.

SAP Project Management

SAP Project Management has been one of our priorities since 1998. We have structured our project approach into different phases. Successful projects are not witchery. In addition to the necessary tools such as project plan, project organization and management, there are other important things that need to be considered: calling project participants, creating professional requirements, coordinating actions.

We manage your SAP Project successfully…

…because we know what it takes!

Success Factors in SAP Project Management

Who is involved?

In order to “get on board” project participants, it is not enough in our experience, to tell them that they are part of the project team. They should be appointed, because it should be something special for each participant to be working on this project. As a consequence, project members will identify with the project if it touches them emotionally. The positive effect: they also want to help ensure that the project will succeed.

Very important!

It must be ensured that team members are not burneded by in their daily business, but rather that they can devote themselves full force and with passion to the SAP project.

Provision and Development of Know-how...

The provision and deployment of the right knowledge are important success factors. Without this the project is doomed to failure. In the project, take care of what knowledge is required when and by whom. For example, usually mainly process and workflow know-how is required at the beginning of a project. In the implementation phase, in particular it is realization expertise.

Know-how carriers can be internal employees who are, through their daily work, experts in specific topics. But also external employees can contribute through the experience they have gained in other similar projects or through their highly specialized expertise.