SAP UX Strategy

The SAP UX Strategy

SAP UX Strategy, Gateway, OData, SAP Screen Personas … the terminology of SAP is constantly growing. But what is behind it?

What is SAP UX Strategy?

SAP UX Strategy (UX) combines all areas which are focused on the experience of users in their use of SAP. The user experience (UX) design extends the classical User Interface (UI) design – that is designing the user interface by the user experience, instead of the functionality – since with the use of browser-based and mobile surfaces, usability is in the foreground.
Use SAP UX surfaces for user groups or specific applications for better usability – in particular on small smartphone screens – where they can be displayed reduced and focused.

Defining your SAP UX Strategy:

You want to fulfill your business needs with SAP UX?
How can SAP UX Strategy be used in your SAP environment?