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More and more classic retail companies are launching an online channel, more and more online Pure Players are opening stores and presenting themselves to their customers on site. The channels are growing together – “Omni Channel” and “Multi-Channel” are no longer buzz words, but reality. Order online and pick it up at the store or have it delivered to your home and exchange it in the store – for your customers already accustomed practice.
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E-commerce strategy

The benefits of a clear e-commerce strategy are obvious. You want to stand out from your competitors and make your company fit for your e-business. But which strategy is right for you?

As an entrepreneur, these are the questions that concern you:

  • Can I position an e-commerce channel without cannibalizing the existing sales channels?
  • What concepts and use cases are there for the successful connection of the classic sales channels with e-commerce?
  • How do the processes work and how can I implement them?
  • What does my competition actually do?
  • What are the challenges and risks of starting e-commerce?
  • How do I protect my products from price dumping?

Benefit from our many years of experience:

We have been living e-commerce for many years in numerous customer projects and with our own online shops! Benefit from our experience for your e-commerce strategy. We show you solutions from market analysis to implementation.

Online marketing

Make your online shop successful

The stationary trade has known this for a long time: 1A locations have a good catchment area and attract customers with purchasing power – after all, the best business is pointless without customers. Online, there’s no difference: without visitors, there’s no successful online shop! But what are the prime locations on the Internet?

Marketing & branding on the Internet

Online, a top location means to appear on the first page of a search engine’s results list such as Google or Bing – ideally at number one on that list. We’ll show you how to do it.

Leading Google with SEO

Google is the undisputed market leader in search engines. Every month, billions of searches are entered into Google’s search engine. It’s clear that those at the top of a search query have the best chance of attracting many visitors and generating high sales – but how do you get there? The answer: With search engine optimization.

It’s actually quite simple: Google tries to display the most relevant result on top of the page of the each search query – so your website only needs to be the most relevant for a topic in the corresponding search area.

But what exactly does “the most relevant” mean and how does Google define “relevance”?

There are a variety of indicators that you can influence and consider when creating your website in order to appear as prominently as possible in the search results. With the right online shop software, you can take these things into account right from the start. Our experienced SEO team will also lay a sustainable foundation for your placement in search engines.

To buy visitor traffic with SEA (search engine marketing)

Google auctions prominent placements in search results. You can bring almost any number of visitors to your website, if you have the appropriate budget. But: the higher the competition, the more expensive each click will be (cost-per-click short CPC).

Do these visitors buy or do they only look at the website? What is the actual cost per purchase (cost per order short CPO) in the end? What can be optimized and how do you keep track of it? What are “PLAs” and “Site Links”? Controlling a SEA campaign can be very complex.

With the right marketing tools, you can keep track of your campaigns and see if the budget is being used effectively for your business.

With brand awareness to more visitors

Brands have a decisive advantage: customers search directly for the brand, no longer for a product or a generic search term! This means that online marketing for brands is cheaper than marketing generic terms!

How do you become a well-known brand?

We work with you to develop strategies for bringing your brand closer to your prospects and making them “brand customers”. We talk about how you avoid being just the supplier of a product. And instead, your customers manage to shop with you consciously, preferably without first looking at your competitors.

Our workshop offers:

Google: Finding with SEO and SEA

Sales portals, price search engines and special portals

Affiliate Marketing

Display campaigns

Re-Marketing & Re-Targeting

Use e-mail, newsletter and mobile advertising correctly

Social media

Analytics, usability, conversion optimization and the right shop management

CRM driven e-commerce

Multi-Channel E-Commerce

increase sales and returns

Customer support across all sales channels significantly increases sales and returns. When picking up at the store, up to 30 more sales are generated on site. In times of decreasing customer frequencies on the surfaces, the occupation of the communication channels is indispensable. The networking of cross-stock stocks and processes can significantly reduce order and delivery costs and significantly increase the efficiency of inventory. How well do you care for your customers?

What can your customers do in your shop?

  • Order items online and pick them up at the store?
  • Order by phone and have the item delivered to a branch?
  • Order in store and have the item delivered to another store?
  • Order in the store and have the item delivered home?
  • Order online and return or exchange the goods in the store?

If an item is not available through a distribution channel, your customers could then

  • availability via another channel can be checked immediately?
  • an order from the store for delivery?
  • a delivery commitment, even if the item is not in direct inventory?

Predictive e-commerce

Turn your website visitors into buyers

The key metric in e-commerce is the conversion rate. It shows how many of your visitors ended up actually buying in your online store. An increase in the conversion rate increases sales. Marketing measures will thus be significantly better refinanced and the contribution margins achieved will increase. But what to do?

See your web shop through the eyes of your visitors

Data analysis in e-commerce has always been a special feature, as every action of the visitor can be traced. But what if you can see what the visitor has actually done on the website? Modern software solutions can record website visits anonymously. This will let you see exactly where your visitors have canceled the website or simply haven’t found what they were looking for. This goes so far that you can call up the session together with the visitor’s release and solve problems immediately by phone.

Optimize your store content for your audiences

You can play content on your website according to the visitor’s behaviour. Recognize the visitor as soon as you enter the site, display rules-based offers or promote products that the visitor did not purchase last time. And much more. You can also assign appropriate content to anonymous visitors based on certain click patterns. Linked to the data of the web analysis, an overall system is created, which offers the visitor optimal offers and information in many places.

B2B integration

Optimally automate your B2B processes

Data exchange has become a key challenge in many companies. Time-consuming and inefficient, different data sources need to be connected. B2B integration can automate such comprehensive processes. Above all, this creates greater transparency about data and processes that are shared with external parties.

Social Commerce

It is no longer the seller’s opinions that are in demand, but rating systems, forums or Facebook groups that strongly influence the opinions.
Social-Media-Icons auf Smartphone

From Social Media to Social Business & Social Commerce

Observe channels and influence opinions

For successful e-commerce companies, it is therefore becoming more important by the day to deal with opinions and to integrate them centrally into the planning and strategies of communication.

Identify opinion channels

In addition to classic blogs and internet forums, Facebook groups are increasingly on the radar screen. Here it is important to identify the really relevant and to look at them at meaningful regular intervals.

Influencing opinions: a difficult undertaking

Influence opinions on social media and the fear of a storm is always present. It is important to present yourself as part of the community without hiding the actual identity. There are countless ways to intervene in a design – choose the one that is right for you and your company!

Not only product opinions are crucial – Brand Experience is redefined

Of course, not only products are evaluated, but also the experiences with your shop, your company, your employees, etc. – basically everything that helps to make your company a brand. This means that a brand can quickly lose a reputation, but also that new brands have new opportunities to position themselves. However, it is crucial to take the brand experience into account in all areas of the company in order to avoid negative influences ideally.

Shopping experience - there is also a "after the purchase"?

The focus is on the shopping experience. The customer should feel good, like to come to your site or shop. Here everything is done for the customer: product presentation with elaborate pictures, countless payment methods, an optimized checkout etc… But what comes next?

Is this also reflected in the subsequent customer communication? What is the feeling when unpacking the goods? Does the packaging reflect your company’s ambition? Does the customer accept the positive feeling after the purchase when he reads the instructions for use? What are the experiences with returns? All this is part of the shopping experience and is becoming more and more important!

The goal: Customer loyalty

The central goal of all efforts is, of course, to bind the customer to the company and/or the brand in the long term. Nothing is more beautiful than satisfied customers who like to shop again and influence opinions positively!

Pricing tool

Compare your competitors' store prices with PriceView

Keeping an eye on the prices of its competitors has been an elaborate process so far, determined by clicking through countless websites and price comparison portals.

The price determination tool PriceView automatically compares the prices of your products with the price search engines and competitors you have selected and presents them in a clear form with numerous sorting functions. This allows PriceView to respond immediately to price changes from your competitors.

You benefit from:

  • multiple measurements daily
  • direct comparison of competitors
  • Connection to price search engines
  • Price history up to 7 days back
  • reduced costs due to significantly reduced effort
  • extensive statistics
  • Connection to Websphere Commerce
  • Automated transfer of product data from Websphere Commerce
  • Automated price control according to individual minimum maximum thresholds

Mobile Commerce, Mobile Marketing

Mobile Commerce - Shopping Experience on your mobile phone

The development of web pages takes place on Desktop PC’s, design designs are created for large monitors, at some point a device switch is set up and then – depending on the device – branched to another shop frontend. The results are rare.

Have you ever compared the conversion rate of desktop and mobile access in your store?

Online shops based on IBM Smarter Commerce Onlineshop software are mobile-enabled and have all the necessary technical skills right from the start, right up to the adaptation of your own app. Newly developed shops have responsive design and are able to adapt intelligently to the end device – without annoying technical adjustments.

Mobile marketing -
what's different?

Website visitors who search via mobile devices have a different intention than customers who sit on stationary desktop PCs. For example, local conditions have a very different relevance for mobile users. All this must be taken into account when marketing on mobile devices.

Get your website ready for Mobile Commerce & Marketing

With IBM Smarter Commerce Marketing Tools, you can also precisely control and monitor your mobile campaigns, reaching users on mobile devices.

Smarter Commerce

Under the term smarter commerce, IBM combines a variety of solutions for digital commerce. The solutions are divided into four areas that determine the natural cycle of each trading company.

Purchasing - Marketing - Sales - Service

Optimizing the procurement process

“In purchasing lies the profit” is an old merchant’s wisdom. However, this is not just about the lowest procurement price, but about optimizing and increasing the efficiency of the entire supply chain.
Stocks need to be managed depending on delivery times and strategies for the optimal use of all resources. A wide range of data must be evaluated and various IT systems must communicate with each other in order to ensure the operation and the supply of goods.

Awareness on all channels

Trading requires a high level of visibility, because only when customers see you and your products can you generate revenue. Shifting high trading volumes towards online requires a completely new definition of visibility. It is no longer the location that matters, but the ranking or interaction on social platforms. On the basis of statistical evaluations and observations of customer behaviour, online content can be individually adapted to the needs and thus an optimal shopping experience can be granted to the customer across channels.

Sales as the centrepiece

Whether you want to run an online shop or operate a kiosk system at the POS, IBM Websphere Commerce provides you with a stable and scalable technology that reliably meets all requirements for modern trading solutions while ensuring that there is enough flexibility and extensibility to suit your individual needs perfectly. This way you rely on the right technology – whether you want to run a local specialty shop or set up a globally active company online competitively.

The sale is not the end

Customer loyalty and product optimization are just two terms from “after sales”. In times of countless communication channels, feedback is more frequent and direct than before. Controlling this and reacting accordingly is becoming increasingly important. Customer support beyond sales reduces service expenses and increases the likelihood that the customer will buy again or give us the recommendation.

IBM Smarter Commerce: Everything from a Single Source

IBM Smarter Commerce covers all four areas of retail with the different modules. The customer is always at the center of the solutions!
All modules are highly integrated and provide the relevant information exactly where you need it. For example, you can directly access the relevant statistics data from the campaign control of the online shop and use it as a basis for rule-based evaluations.

To be found in Google

The backlink analysis

“Being found in Google” is still the ultimate discipline of website operators. Google uses about 200 so-called signals to determine the order of the search results.

The backlinks – i.e. links from external pages to your own website – are an essential basis for the Google ranking. For this reason, backlinks have been exaggerated by many SEO agencies in recent years. The naturalness of backlinks plays an essential role for Google.

From Google’s point of view, unnatural links are considered “spam” and punished with a loss of ranking (see also next paragraph: Unnatural incoming links).
Our backlink analysis helps you get an overview of your OffSite SEO structure. With concrete measures, we recommend how you can improve your Google rankings.

If you have already received a penalty from Google:

Unnatural incoming links

Are you affected by a Google Spam measure?

Google has imposed a spam measure on you? If you have read or been notified by e-mail in your webmaster tools:
Google has detected a pattern of artificial or unnatural links that point to your website. Purchasing links or participating in link exchange programs with the intention of manipulating pagerank is a violation of Google’s Webmaster Policies.

Now it is important to carefully check your backlink structure and remove damaged links. We help you to be found in Google again!

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E-Commerce FAQ

Frequently asked questions about e-commerce

Can I run e-commerce without violating my previous trading structure?

The typical question for all manufacturers and wholesalers who have grown structures in sales. Again, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to avoid conflicts, but we have experienced and tested a wide variety of solutions – there are certainly approaches for your company. Please contact us!

How can my online shop be successful?

Basically, an online shop doesn’t work any differently than a store and there are also 1A locations online. However, these are not in the pedestrian zone, but on Google on the first page or in price search engines or on Amazon. Successful online marketing ultimately determines your success in e-commerce.

Everywhere you hear how important Facebook and other social media are - what do I do when customers complain?

This fear is typical in many companies when considering the use of social media. In fact, there are the horror stories of so-called storms, and social media communication places new demands on companies in terms of openness and responsiveness – but this is not insoluble. The horror stories are confronted with a much larger number of success stories when viewed soberly. We are also happy to advise you on this!