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GEDYS IntraWare CRM Release 8.14

CRM Release 8.14: Working with GEDYS IntraWare CRM in Outlook via Business Mail
CRM Release 8.14: Working with GEDYS IntraWare CRM in Outlook via Business Mail
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Convenient and time-saving:
Work without switching between programs

  • via the connection of Outlook and BusinessMail 4 Outlook (on the web), contact information from GEDYS IntraWare CRM Release 8.14 can be selected in Outlook
  • You can send e-mails to these contacts in Outlook, create appointments for them or assign projects to them
  • If a user is classified as an Outlook user in CRM, their appointments are synchronized between the CRM system and Office 365. All Outlook Web options for these appointments can be used (e.g. also group appointments)
  • E-mails can also be sent from the CRM via Outlook (Outlook opens automatically when you click on an e-mail address)
  • Information from the CRM can be sent as a link in company-internal Outlook emails via drag & drop
  • You can drag e-mail attachments directly to your desktop for filing

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Your new CRM assistant helps you write texts faster

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  • the integration of OpenAI chat functions can be used in all RichText fields (e.g. in emails)
  • Various style variants are available for the text configuration (e.g. friendly, professional or humorous)
  • Marked text can be edited at the touch of a button:
    • Rephrase or shorten individual sentences or paragraphs
    • Summarize contents
    • Lengthen sentences
    • finish a sentence you have started
  • but marked text passages can also be edited according to free instructions via chat
  • configuration of the Open AI language model (3.5 or 4) is possible without using data for Open AI training purposes


Optimizations make work easier & lead to the goal faster

Filter functions & colors in widgets

  • High-contrast design with well-defined widget areas ensures quick orientation
  • Individual colored markings and extended filter optionsmake it easier to sort tasks
  • You have the option of clicking on a task to open the associated task directly

Optimized top navigation

  • now centrally accessible via the top navigation: “Favorites” and “Recently used” widgets
  • you can open the online help with just one click

Recognize ad blockers

  • Users are informed about performance and memory problems when using an AdBlocker

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Drag & drop functions further expanded

  • Users can customize their start menu independently via drag & drop
  • Entries can be transferred from one widget to another using drag-and-drop (valid for “Recently used”, “Favorites”, “Customer journey overview”, “News” and “Tag at a glance”)
  • Appointments can be created from the task widget using drag-and-drop
  • Attachments from emails can be dragged directly onto the desktop or dropped via the File Integration widget

Duplicate tab prevention with browser add-in

  • The GEDYS IntraWare 8 tab manager is available in the stores of the respective web browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge), which prevents the web CRM from being opened multiple times in different browser tabs


  • Existing project management functions are now optimized for smaller projects (such as collecting, bundling and linking information such as emails, notes, agreements or plans including associated documents)
  • including history (documentation of the chronological order)
  • Including integration of multiple employees and approval workflows
  • In addition, daily reports can now also be created and edited in the CRM app

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