GEDYS IntraWare Support Hotline:

+49 661 9642-333

Support hours:

Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.,
except public holidays

Extended Support Hotline:

(with extra contract)

Monday - Sunday: 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.,
on weekends and public holidays

We’re here to help.

Questions about your GEDYS IntraWare solution or problems? Our experienced experts in the Service Center will help you and are friendly and competent: E-mail, phone and remote maintenance (remote access) or on-site service.

Please note that the support services of GEDYS IntraWare applies to customers who have a valid maintenance / support agreement.


Support without Contract

If you still have not signed a maintenance/ support agreement, individual requests are possible, which are then billed with special conditions.
The rule is: individual requests are 157.- Euros for each commenced hour of Support plus a handling fee of 104.- Euros per request.

Content of a Support Message

  • Give us your GEDYS IntraWare Support-ID
  • For which product do you need Support?
  • Which version (incl. Service Release) and which language of the product do you use?
  • Which version / language of the Notes client / Domino server are you working with?
  • You have questions about a browser function? Please give us the exact version of the browser used.
  • Specify the key, with which the product is unlocked.

Choose your individual Support

The service packages with clearly defined content and rates provide you with an optimal cost calculation and efficient support.
The package includes the Basic professional maintenance and support of the GEDYS IntraWare standard products. For customers using a customized version of GEDYS Software, we have put together the Pro package.

Remote Support: How it works

What is Teamviewer:

Teamviewer is software with which one can perform online meetings. For rapid diagnosis we look, with Teamwiewer at your application in order to understand your request quickly and directly.

Where to get it:

Teamviewer installation

Disclaimer for the use of Teamviewer:

When starting Teamviewer software, you acknowledge the disclaimer on the use of Teamviewer: GEDYS IntraWare GmbH assumes no warranty for the programs installed on your computer, as well as their protection devices (antivirus or firewall). The customer is solely responsible for its data security. The liability is limited to intent and gross negligence.
GEDYS IntraWare GmbH assumes no liability for disturbances being generated by, even if they are in temporal proximity to the given support. By pressing the button, you confirm the adoption of the agreement for online support and to start downloading the Teamviewer software.

Please note that this service is only during our hours when our support staff are available.
Without your explicit agreement, the Support team cannot work with you.
There are no foreign programs installed on your PC.
It is not possible to go unnoticed and to unjustifiably remove data from your PC.
You can terminate the joint session at any time.

Choose your individual Support

The service packages with clearly defined content and rates ensure a complete costing calculation and efficient support.

  • Package Standard: Includes the professional maintenance and support of GEDYS IntraWare products in standard.
  • Package Pro: For customers using a customized version of GEDYS IntraWare Software.
  • IBM Notes and Domino products: Our certified staff provides support you with troubleshooting via phone, E-mail and remote maintenance.
Service and Support Offer


Our software maintenance offers investment protection by providing support, regular product updates and reviews to adapt the solutions to changing requirements.

Maintenance Customers

You have the option to request new versions of the products under maintenance by GEDYS IntraWare GmbH with a valid maintenance contract.
Contact: +49 661 9642 – 0

Please have the following information ready:

Name and version of the currently used version of the products/ the Domino server(s) version and that of/ the Notes client.

Cloud Customers

Your software includes maintenance and support according to your chosen package. You can request an update to the latest version directly from the software  (Start Menu Configuration).

No Maintenance Contract?

For a custom quote for a maintenance contract or a product update without maintenance contract, please contact us.
Contact: +49 661 9642 – 0

Please have the following information ready:

  • Names and versions of the used products
  • Versions of the Domino-Server
  • Versions of the Notes Clients

More Users = Additional Licenses

You have the option of requesting further licenses to any GEDYS IntraWare products already in use. In order to obtain the appropriate license keys, please contact Michael Schnitter by phone.

Contact: +49 661 9642 – 219

Please have the following information ready:

  • Product name
  • Number of existing licenses
  • Maintenance Customer yes/no
  • Language version
  • Replic-ID
  • Notes Organization
  • Number of new licenses
  • Name of the supplier/GEDYS IntraWare Partner with whom you collaborate.

What is the Replic-ID?

The replica ID is a unique identifier for your installed database. To view the replica ID of a database:

  1. Open the database or select it.
  2. Select “File – Database – Properties” and click the “Info” tab.
  3. Now you can see the Replic-ID.

What is the Notes Organization?

Enter in the “Notes organization” box, the name of the organization of your IBM Notes / Domino user ID.

To find the Notes organization:

If your user name is structured as follows, then the following value is the Notes organization:

    • Hans Mustermann/GEDYSIntraWare ->GEDYSIntraWare
    • HansMustermann/Suborganisation1/GEDYSIntraWare -> GEDYSIntraWare
    • Hans Mustermann/Suborganisation1/GEDYSIntraWare/DE -> GEDYSIntraWare