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What is a customer database?

With a customer database, you can record and manage your customer addresses and contacts in a structured and clear manner.

Unfortunately, valuable customer information, such as information from phone calls, emails or logs, is often not collected centrally. They are often distributed in different systems, folders, or in the minds of employees. In this way, many important data are lost in everyday business life. For this reason, many companies are faced with the question of which system best supports their processes.

Benefits customer database?

  • Thanks to the customer’s history, the information is permanently and centrally documented.
  • All authorized employees have access to the customer files and use a uniform data base.
  • They retrieve all communication and all operations in a customer-centric way.
  • Customer requests can be resolved faster with transparent information, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Your account managers are relieved and work more productively.
  • Networked knowledge of your customer increases your sales opportunities.

What can a customer database do?

A CRM customer database in which you can store your customer information in a structured manner can help. This is because it allows you to collect all processes to the customer permanently and centrally for all users.

You can then use the customer’s history to track all communication with your customer.

Your customer databank: on-premise or in the cloud?

There are several ways to run your database. A cloud CRM solution offers the least effort for setup and settles monthly according to the number of users. This means that it is available quickly and flexibly. With such a solution from the cloud, you should pay particular attention to data protection and a transparent pricing model.

You can also install the database on your own server. In this case, you need the appropriate know-how or specialist personnel for the administration. You have the advantage that you can use existing resources.